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Best Strategies for Protecting Your Remote Workforce

By October 25, 2020November 4th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Remote Workforce Security

Cloud computing has improved with time. The latest technology ensures that organizations can enjoy the benefits of having a remote workforce. The remote workforce has become important due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, most companies were not ready for this challenge. They don’t know how to deal with the challenges of a remote workforce. In this article, we will share some strategies that will help you protect your remote workforce.


There are various security tools available in the market that can protect your network from unauthorized access. However, these tools are mostly designed for on-site systems. Employees can use their devices to log into your network. You don’t need to worry about an unsecured environment if they use your devices. The connection will be automatically made through secure routers only.

However, if your employees use their devices, they will use their home networks to access your data. Sometimes they can use unsecured wireless connections to access your network. These things can be a serious security risk for your network. Many attackers can take advantage of these loopholes. This will ensure that your employee’s systems are also secure.

A VPN will ensure that your user’s connection is encrypted. The good thing about VPNs is that they are easy to manage and implement. VPNs are not regarded as the best remote network security solution. However, it would be best if you considered it as a baseline requirement.

Zero-Trust Network

You can use VPNs to protect your remote workplace. However, there are still some limitations to the VPN. Thus, most companies are using comprehensive solutions like Zero-trust networks. This philosophy is based on the fact that everything in your network can get hacked. You need to regularly verify your users. Most companies are using cloud providers to manage access to these applications.

However, ZTNA will separate your remote users from your network. It will provide access to all your applications and data through a cloud platform. Your remote worker won’t log into your network directly.

Train remote employees

Even the best security controls and policies can’t protect your organization if your employees don’t know their roles. This is very important for your remote workforce. Your employees might be using unsecured internet to access your applications. Make sure that your employees are trying their best to protect their devices.

Make sure that your employees know about the latest threats and phishing scams. This will ensure that your employees can identify phishing emails. Attackers are using coronavirus fears to spread malware and false information. They might act as a relief organization and try to target your employees.

Backup systems and data

If you want to maintain business continuity, you should have the best backup system. The impact of downtime will be greater as your employees need access to your network to do their work. If your main systems are down, your employees can’t collaborate and communicate. You should ensure that all your important systems are backed up. The best way to ensure stability is by using cloud-based solutions.

Your employees can use personal systems to access your network. This will increase the endpoint in your network. Thus, you should implement the best backup systems for protecting your key systems.

Check your access policies.

You should also check your employee access policies before updating your cybersecurity policy. Your employees don’t need access to all your applications and data. They only need access to the data that they need. For example, your marketing and HR department don’t need access to your financial data. Similarly, your financial department doesn’t need access to your applications.

You should define the roles of your employees. Also, it would help if you defined their scope. These guidelines will also help you in protecting your physical infrastructure. Make sure that only your important employees can access your sensitive data. It is important to regularly update this access list. This will minimize the risk of an insider attack.

Work with an MSSP

Cybersecurity is becoming more complicated with time. Most organizations don’t have access to enough manpower and expertise. Thus, they can’t implement the best risk-mitigation strategies. They can’t support the new remote workforce requirements. It isn’t easy to transition to a remote environment. The remote environment will also introduce new challenges for your IT department. Your IT department will spend most of its time maintaining your systems.

You can deal with this challenge by working with an MSSP. Experienced MSSPs like Bleuwire can become your invaluable ally. They will provide you with the latest software tools you need to protect your employees. Also, they will help you in creating a custom cybersecurity strategy for your business. You can also hire a virtual CIO for your business. They can help you in creating both security and IT strategy. The best thing about working with an MSSP is having access to a large security team. This will ensure that you can deal with most of the security challenges. You also don’t need to hire new security professionals. Thus, your partner will help you in saving a lot of money.


These strategies will help you in protecting your remote workforce. Your employees should always use a VPN to access your network. This will ensure that your employees will use a secure connection for accessing your applications. ZTNA policy will ensure that only your important employees can access your sensitive data. It is also important to educate your remote employees. The best way to protect your data is by working with an MSSP. Experienced MSSPs like Bleuwire can help you in protecting your data and applications. They will help you in creating the best security strategy for your organization. If you need more information regarding IT security services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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