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Best Tools for Remote Workers to Ensure Success and Security

By March 25, 2021No Comments6 min read
Remote Workers to Ensure Success and Security

Most employees have already adjusted to the remote working environment. We have gotten used to slack channels, project management tools, and virtual meetings. Remote work was a perk in the past which was used to hire top global talent. However, it has become a necessity now due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report from Gallup, more than 2-3rd of the US workers will be working remotely even after the pandemic is over.

Remote work is not going away in the future. Thus, most companies are going to allow remote work for some time. It is important to ensure that you are providing the best tools for remote workers.

Best Tools for Remote Workers:

  1. Slack

Slack is a team productivity tool that your remote workers can use for easy and fast communication. It will ensure that your employees can easily share updates with each other. They can also create custom team channels for working on specific projects. You can also use Slack for sharing files remotely. Slack has become a very important communication tool for remote workers.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is similar to Slack. However, it will also provide you access to the features and tools of the MS office software suite. It will allow you to create custom chat channels for working on projects. You can also share Office files and work on them collaboratively. If your business is already using the MS office suite, then you should consider using MS Teams.

  1. Google Docs

Many businesses are using Google Docs because it is simple when compared to other tools. It is also completely free and you can directly use it on your browser. Google Docs is one of the most popular file management and online collaboration tool. You can use Google Docs to create text documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. It will even allow you to edit these documents in real-time.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is video conferencing software that businesses are using for simulating face-to-face interaction. You can use it for conducting virtual meetings and virtual conferences. The software will allow you to schedule your video conferences. It will also allow you to use virtual backgrounds. You can share your computer screen with other participants. In simple words, Zoom will allow you to simulate meetings on your computer screen.

It can support more than 500 participants in one single meeting. Thus, it is the most popular video conferencing solution available in the market. Most companies and schools are using Zoom.

  1. Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop tools will help you in remotely monitoring your remote worker’s system. This is very important as your employees are going to use their personal devices for accessing your database. The two most popular tools available in the market are Apple Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

These tools will help you in managing your employee work environment from a remote location. You can update your employee systems. Also, these tools will help you in enforcing security rules which will help you in protecting your data. This will ensure that your employees don’t need to update their systems manually. However, it will also remove some control from their work devices.

  1. GitHub

Every IT company is using GitHub for working on new projects. GitHub is the most popular software development platform available in the market. You can use it for working together on projects quickly. GitHub will allow your developers to quickly test and debug their code. They can use cloud and automation features for streamlining the testing process. It will also help your team in project management.

Best Tools for Remote Workers to Boost Security:

Most companies think that remote tools are not secure. Your employees will be accessing your critical data from a remote location. Their personal devices won’t have any strict security controls. They also don’t know how to implement these security controls. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are using tools that can help you in protecting your data.

  1. Password Management tool

Password security and controls are very important for every organization. Your employees will be using cloud-based apps for doing their work. These cloud-based apps will come with their own password. Thus, your employees might re-use their passwords. Attackers only need access to one of their accounts.

You can avoid this problem by using password management tools. These tools will help you in creating complex passwords. Your employees can use these passwords for protecting their cloud-based applications. Password management tools like LastPass and Dashlane will help you in creating high-strength passwords. The best thing about these apps is that you don’t need to remember any passwords. You can directly check the password in the app.

  1. Anti-virus

Anti-virus software will help you in protecting your system from viruses and worms. Make sure that all the end-users are using anti-virus software for protecting their systems. You can use tools like Logmeinrescue for allowing your IT employees to access your employee’s system. Your IT employees can use remote tools for installing anti-virus software on your employee’s device.

  1. Data Security

You should ensure that you have a set of data security governance policies. These policies will inform you about the protocols that they need to follow. Data security policies will help you in protecting your data and documents from attackers. It is important to have a culture of security in your organization. There are various data security tools available in the market that you can use for protecting your data.


These are the best tools and services that will help you in enabling remote work. It is important to ensure that your remote workers have access to the best tools. You should also ensure that they are using the best security controls for protecting your data. There are various security controls that you can implement remotely. If you don’t have access to an IT security team, then you should consider working with a good MSSP. Experienced MSSPs like Bleuwire can help you in protecting your data from attackers. They will ensure that your remote workers are using the best security controls. Also, they will help you in finding the best tools for your remote workers. If you need more information regarding IT security services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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