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Everything You Need to Know About API Integration

By November 27, 2019No Comments6 min read
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Developers around the world are creating various innovative tools. It is difficult for enterprises to keep up with these innovative tools. If you want your business to succeed, then it is important to improve your IT infrastructure with time. You need new applications and platforms for offering new services to your users. Developers have already automated most of the common processes. You can even manage your payroll by using the software. Thus, you need to expand the number of systems you are using.

It is also important to make sure that all these systems are working together. This will improve the efficiency of your enterprise network. Fortunately, you can use API integration for streamlining all your operations. API integration will also help you in increasing IT flexibility.

What is API?

Application Program Interface or API is a very old concept. But, it only became popular after the expansion of remote computing. Thanks to API, different applications can interact with each other. The rise of mobile applications has also made API the most important thing in the IT world. Every enterprise wants to integrate its systems with third-party or external services. They don’t need to code their own services from scratch.

In simple words, the Application Program Interface is a code that will control all the access points for an application or server. You can send an external request to these servers. The API will work as a compiler or translator. It will send the request to the applications. API will also allow these applications to respond to your request.

API plays a very important role in modern internet infrastructure. There are various distributed systems that are running at the same time. It is important to make sure that they can exchange information quickly. Without API, you need to juggle between different applications. You have to manually perform each function in different applications. It will become very difficult to transfer data between different applications. This can limit your business growth. Also, it will affect the flexibility of your business.

What is API Integration?

API integration is a fairly simple process. It is used for connecting two or more different applications. You can connect these applications through an API layer. This API layer will allow them to exchange data and communicate with each other. Thus, you can efficiently use both applications. You can create your own custom-build API solutions. Also, there are various API integration platforms that you can use for connecting your applications. If you are moving to a major cloud platform, then you can use their integration platform.

APIs will generally run in the backed of application. Thus, developers can change them without building new applications or data libraries. For example, many websites and apps are using Google Maps for showing information to their users. They use the API which is provided by Google. It allows them to integrate Google Maps into their application. The API will send the request from your application to Google Maps. After that, the API will also fetch the information from Google Maps.

Benefits of API Integration

  1. Automate Tasks

You can use API integration for automating most of the tasks. It is difficult to switch between different applications. API integration will automate all these boring tasks. Thus, you can save your employees time. They don’t need to worry about switching between different applications. For example, you can integrate your phone system with CRM applications like Redtail or Salesforce. This will allow your employees to directly check the customer information. Thus, they don’t need to check the database for getting the relevant information. The API will already fetch the relevant information from your database.

  1. Flexibility

API integration will help your IT department in improving its flexibility. It will also help you in streamlining your whole IT infrastructure. If you are not using the API integration, then you need to set up different systems for every application. You need to manually switch between these different applications. API integration will allow you to create a single application. All your other services can fetch the required data from this application. You still need to use several systems for running your applications. But, you need to manage only one system. Thus, your IT department can focus on more important things.

  1. Remaining Relevant

Every industry is evolving very fast due to the internet. Thus, it is important for your organization to also evolve with time. You should integrate your application with the apps that your customers already trust. For example, you can add a sign in using a Facebook option on your website. Most of your users already have a Facebook account. Thus, they can easily create an account on your website. API integration will also provide you important cross-functionality with famous apps. If your app is associated with popular apps, then the credibility of your brand will automatically improve.

  1. Develop new products

You can use API integrations for creating an entirely new product. This product can become the core offering of your business. For example, apps like Uber are combining Google maps with service-request interfaces for providing services. You can combine several different APIs for creating an entirely new product.


Enterprises are adding new applications and services to their networks. They are trying to deliver more services to their users. But, it is to very difficult to manually connect these applications. Thanks to API, you can easily manage these applications. API integration will help these applications in communication with each other. Thus, they can directly transfer data to each other. It will also help you in maximizing the flexibility of your IT department. API integration will help you in streamlining your whole IT infrastructure. Thus, you can easily manage your IT infrastructure without sacrificing any performance. If you want to know more about API integration, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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