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Everything You Need to Know About Community Cloud

By July 9, 2020No Comments5 min read
Community Cloud

Cloud Computing has become a very important part of every industry. There are four different flavors of Cloud computing: Bare Metal Cloud, Hybrid, Public, and Private Cloud. However, the Community cloud is a new cloud computing concept. It is similar to both Private and Public Cloud. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the community cloud.

Definition of Community Cloud:

A community cloud is actually a form of hybrid cloud. It is a multi-tenant cloud platform that companies can use for working on a shared platform. The main aim of community clouds is to ensure that multiple customers can work on the same application and project. This project will belong to a specific community or company. Community clouds will help you in integrating all your cloud services.

There are various communities like research companies, tender, and organizations that are working on similar things. They can use cloud technology for working together. A community cloud will help you in identifying your business demands. You can host this server in your own data center. Also, you can work with a third-party cloud provider.

Advantages of Community Cloud:

There are many benefits to using community clouds. Companies don’t need to worry about the security issues of the public cloud. Your employees can easily collaborate with each other. Companies can use this cloud computing model for collaborating with each other.

  1. Impartiality

These systems are completely open systems. They will remove the dependency from the organizations. You can enjoy the benefits of both private and public clouds. It will also help you in avoiding the disadvantages of both public and private clouds.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Your users can easily modify the cloud properties according to their use cases. Community clouds will also help companies in interacting with remote workers. They can use different devices for accessing the cloud technology. Thus, your remote workers don’t need to worry about using the same device always. Community clouds solution is more flexible when compared to other cloud models. Also, you will have access to the community of users. You can easily scale up the hardware resources, manpower, and services. If you need more developers, then you can easily add more manpower. You can also decrease the user-base according to your needs.

  1. Reliability and High Availability

If you are working with a cloud provider, then you need to ensure that your data is always available. Community clouds will help you in protecting your data. They will replicate applications and data in multiple geographical locations. This will help you in protecting your data from disasters like floods, earthquakes, cyberattacks, and fire.

You will have access to a redundant infrastructure. This will ensure that your data is always available. Reliability and High availability are the biggest concerns for modern companies. Community clouds can help you in solving this issue.

  1. Compliance and Security

Cybersecurity is becoming the biggest concern for modern companies. Thus, many companies are still not using cloud technology. They want to first ensure that their data is secured in the cloud servers. Other users will never try to steal your data in community clouds as it is not profitable for them. However, you can still implement some security procedures for protecting your data.

You can block users from checking your datasets. This will ensure that you can protect your data from specific users. If you are storing some sensitive data, then you should ensure that it is available to only authorized personnel.

  1. Control and Convenience

If you are using Community Cloud, then you don’t need to worry about conflicts related to control and convenience. Democracy is an important feature of the community cloud. It ensures that all the tenants can share the cloud infrastructure with each other. Also, they can make decisions collaboratively. This will ensure that you can keep your data closer without using the private cloud. The private cloud can be very costly for some organizations. Also, it is more complex when compared to the public and community cloud. Thus, you can avoid the complexity of the private cloud by using the community cloud.

  1. Environment Sustainability

If organizations are using community clouds, then they can share a single cloud platform with each other. This will ensure that they don’t need to invest in different data center facilities. Community clouds will actually help companies in decreasing their cloud usage. If organizations are using the same cloud, then they can use resources more efficiently. Thus, community clouds are very good for the environment. Community clouds will also ensure that we are using our resources more efficiently. If every company is using different cloud servers, then they will waste a lot of resources.

  1. Less Work for your IT team

If you have already stored your systems, applications, and data in the cloud, then your IT team doesn’t need to manage them separately. This will also help you in saving a lot of money as you don’t need to worry about hiring new employees. Your IT department can easily help you in managing your system. This will also reduce some burden from your IT department. They will get more time to work on your core solutions. Thus, they can develop better products for your business. If they are only focusing on managing your data, then they won’t get enough time to work on critical applications. Community Clouds will also help you in dividing your work. Other organizations will also help you in managing the cloud server.

These are the direct benefits of using the community cloud. Community clouds will also help you in avoiding the disadvantages of both private and public cloud. Public clouds are less secure and private clouds are more expensive when compared to the community cloud.


Community Cloud is a new cloud computing model. Thus, we don’t know if this model will be successful in the future. It can help some companies in solving their problems. Cloud computing is probably going to be the most important technology in the 21st century. You can use it for providing better services to your customers. Thus, the Community cloud will also find its place in this new market. If you need more tips regarding cloud technology, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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