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Everything You Need to Know About AITSM

By March 28, 2021No Comments
Artificial Intelligence ITSM

According to a report from Gartner, I&O leaders have to overspend more than $750 million on buying useless or unused features of ITSM tools. This figure is only rising with time. It is important to check all the features of your ITSM tools. However, this is a very difficult task for most businesses. You can use AITSM to reduce the wastage of money.

Most companies think that AITSM is a very confusing concept. However, it can help you in powering digital transformation. Also, the first two words of AITSM don’t stand for artificial intelligence. In this article, we are going to talk about AITSM and its importance in the digital workplace.

What is AITSM?

AITSM simply means that the ITSM is driven by intelligent automation. It will help you in completing your tasks, requests, and actions. For example, you can use machine learning and AI to prescribe knowledge, priority, and classification related to any event. It will help you in proactively looking for user-issues.

You can create automated responses for dealing with various problems. It will also help you in identifying knowledge experts. Many companies are using sentiment analysis for dealing with user problems.

Why AI is perfect for ITSM strategy?

AITSM will perfectly fit into your ITSM strategy as it will help you in augmenting real human agents. It will easily fit with your ITSM software as it is already a big part of ITSM software. For example, AITSM is helping you with ticket creation. IT is helping you in service delivery and ticket tracking.

AITSM also helps you in collecting and optimizing the data. Machine learning algorithms are used by ITSM to optimize the data. This will help you in optimizing your chatbots. It will help you in setting up your knowledge databases. Also, you can train users by using better technology.

In simple words, AITSM will help you in streamlining all the processes. Thus, it will create the ultimate experience for both your service desk employees and customers.

Advantages of AITSM:

AITSM can help you in powering the shift-left initiative. It will help you in freeing up your human agents. Your employees don’t need to waste their time doing manual and repetitive tasks. All the manual tasks will be done by the ITSM software. This will ensure that your employees can focus on doing valuable work. Some of the advantages of embracing AITSM are:

  1. Better help desk ticketing

AITSM will help you in streamlining the entire ticketing process. It will help you in finding the right person for the ticket. This will ensure that the ticket will be forwarded to the right person. Chatbots will also help you in solving the problem of your customers. You can use a self-service portal for solving your customer problem.

If your customer is unable to resolve their own issue, then automation will help you in solving their problem. The ITSM system will help you in creating a ticket that will contain all the steps that are taken by the user. It will also include other knowledge obtained from various sources. This will give a more accurate view to your agents. They will have access to all the information that they need. Automation will help you in pushing the ticket to the right parties.

  1. Communicate with users

Automation and AI will help you in streamlining the communication with users. It will provide a better and consistent experience for your customers. For example, you can use AITSM for creating and designing chat flows by using a chatbot interface. The service desk can use AITSM for communicating the status of tickets and share future updates with your customers.

  1. Prevent incidents

You can use machine learning for tracking and identifying incident trends. This will help you in predicting problems, outages, and incidents before they actually occur. For example, imagine that some user is running into the same issue. This issue can be due to various reasons like systems crashing. You can use automation and ML for solving this problem. Automation will trigger a workflow to check the main cause behind these incidents. It will also predict the systems that are at risk. This will ensure that you can prevent incidents before they even occur.

  1. Complex decision-making capability

AITSM will help you in predicting and preventing many incidents. However, it is not limited to predicting incidents only. AITSM will also help you in making complex decisions. For example, it will help you with risk assessment. You can use it for predicting successful changes. This will help your IT workers and managers in predicting the right changes. These changes will be worthwhile investments and endeavors. You can use the same technology for identifying gaps in the knowledge base. This will help your IT team in determining the areas that need a greater investment of effort and time.

Why should CIOs care about AITSM?

According to a report from IDG, more than 43% of organizations are using to use digital business for driving their revenue. AITSM will help you in handling the entire digital transformation. It will help you in cutting down the costs and saving money. Costs will be optimized as AITSM will help you in implementing the shift-left initiative.

This will help you in streamlining all the processes. Thus, every CIO should consider ATISM. It will help you in predicting the processes that your team will need in the future. CIOs will gain more information by using AITSM. They will get to know about the things that are actually working. Also, it will help you in simplifying the entire decision process.


AI augmentation market is going to grow to $2.9 trillion in 2021. According to a report from Gartner, AI is going to boost productivity by more than 6.2 billion hours. In simple words, AI is a very big thing for businesses and it is only going to grow with time. AI can help you in providing services to their customers. It can help you in solving simple requests like VPN access and password resets. AI will also help you in tracking the software licensing and procurement. It will also help you in solving most of the common security incidents. Chatbots and virtual agents will use the power of AITSM and ITSM for freeing up your agents. Your IT agents can focus on doing more important tasks. However, it is not simple to implement AI with ITSM. You should consider working with a good MSP like Bleuwire. They will help you in integrating ITSM with AI. Also, they will help you in improving the efficiency of your employees. If you need more information regarding AITSM, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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