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How ITSM Can Help You in Automating Your Business Workflow

By February 9, 2021No Comments6 min read
ITSM Automating Business Workflow

IT support teams are working harder due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their workload has increased exponentially due to the pandemic. IT leaders are looking for ITSM or IT service management software for streamlining this support. ITSM can help you in automating your workflow capabilities.

You can automate your business workflow by using ITSM. This will help you in empowering your IT workers and improving their productivity. In this article, we are going to talk about ITSM automation.

Definition of ITSM automation

Automation can help you in improving the efficiency of your manual processes. It is important to clearly define the process before you start automating them.

ITIL and ITSM will provide you a set of best practices and processes. These practices will act as the foundation of automation. You need ITSM automation tools for automating your business workflows. ITSM automation mainly refers to the digital methods and programs that you can use for automating your workflow.

Business workflow automation is the process of automating various events like information sharing and file routing. You can automate most of the human tasks by using ITSM automation. There are various different names of workflow automation. It is also known as automated executing, process automation, and process mapping.

Define ITSM processes

You can automate various different ITSM processes. However, you need to first define these processes. Some of the ITSM processes can be only partially automated. However, there are many ITMS processes that you can totally automate. Automation will rely on the data entered by your IT workers. Thus, you should ensure that they are entering the correct input.

  1. Service Request Management

ITSM tools are mostly used to field different service requests. You should ensure that the service desk is serving as the single point for service requests. Your users can send a formal request to your help desk. They might ask you to rest their password. Sometimes your users can also ask for some advice or information. The main aim is to ensure that your help desk is fulfilling these requests. This is the simplest item to automate.

ITSM automation will ensure that you can send service requests to a pre-selected agent.

  1. Knowledge Management

This process is responsible for sharing experiences, information, and ideas. You can use SKMS or a Service knowledge management system for automating this process.

SKSM is a set of databases and tools that you can use for managing data and information. This will also include the CMS or Configuration management system. You can check all the information systems and databases in SKSM. It also includes tools that will help you in collecting, updating, managing, storing, analyzing your data. You can use these tools for presenting all the data to your IT managers.

  1. IT asset management

This process is responsible for tracking all your IT assets. It will report the value of IT assets that you are currently using. You can also easily automate this process by using ITSM. Your support desk can quickly check the assets that need to be replaced or upgraded. They can also check all the IT assets that you are currently using.

This solution is mostly used for tracking assets. If your employee is moving to a new work location, then this process will help you in the transition period. You can use automation for quickly entering the new work location of your employee. This will trigger the actions and alert your support desk. It will tell about the assets that they need to take. Thus, your support desk can quickly find the assets that they need to remove or move.

  1. Incident Management

Incident management is another very important and common process. This process is responsible for managing all the incidents. It will ensure that you can quickly restore the normal services. This will help you in minimizing the business impact of incidents. Thus, incident management is important for every business.

You can also automate incident management by using ITSM. It will help you in creating a smoother process. If your system goes down, then it will automatically trigger an alert. It will send this alert to your support desk. The tool will automatically route the alert to the correct group. Thus, your team can quickly work on resolving the incident. It will also notify your customers once the services are restored.

How to automate your Business ITSM workflow?

You can follow these simple tips for automating your ITSM workflow.

  1. Check your existing workflows

You should first check your existing workflows. Most companies start creating new workflows without checking their existing workflow. Make sure that you have documented the existing workflows. This will include all the manual workflows that you are already using.

  1. Don’t complicate your workflows

Sometimes IT managers can complicate the workflows by including everything. However, you should ensure that your workflows are not getting tied in a knot.

  1. Create a map of your existing workflow

You should also create a map of your existing workflows. This will help you in solving various problems in the future.

  1. List all the actions which will be triggered by the chatbots

You should list all the actions that you want to be triggered by the chatbot. This will help you in simplifying the setup process. It will also help you in routing the workflow to the right solution and the right person.

  1. Don’t forget about the documentation

Many IT managers skip documentation when they are creating new workflows. Documentation is very important as it will help you in preventing most accidental errors. You can easily check the documentation if something goes wrong. It will help you in quickly solving the problem that you are facing.

  1. Check actions that will require self-service

Some of your workflows will require self-service. You should find the actions that should be included in self-service. This will help you in differentiating between actions that require human agents.


These tips will help you in automating your business workflow. Make sure that you are choosing the right workflow automation software. The best way to solve this problem is by working with a good IT MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in automating your business workflow. They will help you in finding the best automation software for your business. Thus, you don’t need to worry about doing the research work. If you need more information regarding ITSM, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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