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G Suite vs Office 365: Which One Is Perfect for Your Company?

By November 9, 2019No Comments5 min read
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There are hundreds of productivity apps available in the market. G Suite and Office 365 are the two most popular productivity apps available in the market. You can use these applications for performing simple business tasks. Office 365 also has both desktop and mobile applications. Hence, you can access your document from any device. You can use both G Suite and Office 365 for creating presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. These tools will also help you in collaborating with your team. You can do video conferencing with your team members.

G Suite and Office 365 also support cloud storage. Thus, you can access all your files from anywhere in the world. Office 365 has more than 1 billion global users. More and more businesses are moving towards Office 365 for their cloud-based resources. Office 365 has a very simple user interface. Thus, anyone can easily use Office 365 tools. There are two main factors that you should consider before choosing any productivity suite:

  • Identify your organization needs: You should first consider both the non-functional and functional needs of your company. There are various functional needs like collaboration and productivity that you must consider. You should also consider the benefits and features of both productivity suites.
  • Identify your employee needs: If your employees are satisfied, then your company will automatically grow. Thus, you must think about your employees before switching to any productivity suite. If your employees are already familiar with Office 365 tools, then Office 365 is perfect for your company.

G Suite Vs Office 365

  1. Security

Both G Suite and Office 365 protect your confidential data from hackers. But, Office 365 is using more strict security measures for defending their user’s data. Office 365 is using advanced security solutions like premium anti-spam, encrypted data, antivirus protection, anti-malware protection and seamless integration for protecting their user’s data. They are also using multi-factor authentication for making sure that only legit users can access their data. Office 365 is following the famous security CIA triad. They make sure that the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data are maintained. Microsoft has also done proper disaster planning. Thus, you can access your data even in case of a disaster like an earthquake or data breach. G Suite is following Google’s default privacy policy. This policy is shared across consumer and business applications. Thus, G Suite doesn’t address all the important security requirements and compliances.

  1. Scalability and Reliability

Office 365 has various collaboration tools that you can use for working with your team. These products have been refined by Microsoft. Microsoft is also providing an SLA or service level agreement if its service availability rate drops below 99.9 percent. You can easily scale down or up your services according to your customer needs. If you are low on budget, then you can go for web-hosted services. You don’t need to even pay for traditional licensing. All the plans of Office 365 have a fixed rate. Thus, you can do your budget planning according to them. G Suite combines both the uptime figures of their business and consumer services. Also, they won’t recognize downtime until more than 5% of their customers are impacted.

  1. User Interface

Most people have already used the old Office version. Thus, almost everyone already knows about the Office 365 user interface. Office 365 has a consistent document view and user interface across all devices and platforms. The familiar user interface and tools are the biggest reason behind Office 365 success. Your employees don’t need to spend their time figuring out simple things. They will be more productive. G Suite has an inconsistent user interface across its tools. Thus, there is a learning curve that your employees need to follow. G Suite offline version also has limited features. Thus, you can’t enjoy G Suite services from anywhere in the world. If you are using G Suite, then you can’t share your Office documents with other employees. First, you need to convert all your office files into Google format. This can lead to loss of file formatting and fidelity.

  1. Cloud Storage

Office 365 is offering 1 TB of cloud storage to its users. It doesn’t matter which plan of Office 365 you are using. You will get 1 TB of cloud storage. G Suite is also offering unlimited storage to its users. But, it is limited to Enterprise and business version only. If you are using G Suite Basic version, then you will only get 30 GB of cloud storage. You need to either upgrade to the enterprise plan for more storage or switch to Dropbox for storing your documents. If you are using G Suite Enterprise or Business edition, then you will get unlimited storage. But, you don’t need that much storage until you are running a large enterprise.

  1. Presentations

Google Slides is a good tool. But it lacks many features which you can find in Powerpoint. Also, the user interface of Google slides is complicated. Most of the presentation tools like Keynote and powerpoint are using alignment snapping for years. But, alignment snapping is missing in Google slides. Microsoft Powerpoint is overall a better tool when compared to Google Slides.


You should consider all these points before choosing between Office 365 and G Suite. If you have a small business, then G Suite is perfect for your company. It has all the basic features that you need for expanding your business. But, if your employees are already accustomed to Office 365 then you must go for Office 365. If you want more information about Office 365 tools, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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