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How to Optimize Your Project Staffing Plan

By June 6, 2020No Comments5 min read
Project Staffing Plan

The most important assets of every company are its employees. According to a survey by LinkedIn, 94% of employees want to stick with the company that will help them in learning new things. If a company is investing in its employees, then employees will be loyal to that company. The right employees for any company are found by the HR department. It is their responsibility to find the right employees for your company.

However, the HR department can’t find perfect employees in specific fields like tech and AI. They don’t know anything about these specialized fields. Thus, they need help from experts during the hiring process. Many companies are now working with IT consulting partners. These IT consulting partners will help you in finding the right tech professionals for your company.

You need to first focus on creating a project staffing plan. A well-thought staffing plan will help you in avoiding issues like skill gaps, over-employment, and low productivity. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in creating a staffing plan. You can also use these tips for optimizing your current project staffing plan.

What is a staffing plan?

The project staffing plan is created by your HR team. This strategy will help your HR team in identifying the right talent for your projects. If you have a good staffing plan, then you will already know about the number of team members you need for your projects. A good staffing plan will help you in saving your extra resources.

A good staffing plan will help you in answering some important questions. You will already know about the work that your projects include. Also, you will know about the experience and skills of your employees. This plan will have a ripple effect on your company.

There are many benefits to creating a proper staffing plan. It will help you in maximizing the productivity of your employees. This plan will help you in reducing the labor cost. It will help you in reducing the turnover rate. A good staffing plan will help you in enhancing your business growth.

You should invest your time in optimizing your staffing plan. This will help you in avoiding many issues like unhappy customers, delayed growth, and low-quality services. We are going to share some steps that will help you in determining your staffing needs.

  1. Identify your business goals

First, you should check your strategic business plan. This plan will generally outline your business goals. Your strategic business plan will help you in creating your staffing plan. You should ensure that your staffing plan aligns with your business goals.

For example, your business plan will help you in determining if you should hire new employees. You can optimize your staffing plan to achieve your business goals.

  1. Current Staffing Scenario

You should know about your business’s current staffing environment. This will help you in optimizing and creating your project staffing strategy. First, make sure that you have stored all your staffing data in a single server or database. If your staffing data is in different databases, then you should consolidate it into one complete piece first. This will help you in learning about the current staffing scenario of your business.

You will get to know about the current number of staff members. Also, you will understand the skills of your employees. Employees that are high-performers should be identified. Also, you can determine the average age of your employees.

  1. Your Future Staffing Needs

First, you should understand your current staffing situation. After that, you should make predictions about your company’s future staffing needs. There are various factors that will help you in making this prediction. You should understand your business goals. Also, it is important to predict the changes in your economy. If the economy is going in recession, then you shouldn’t hire new employees. However, if the economy is doing well, then you can hire more workers. You should also know about the future products of your business. If your business is going to handle AI projects in the future, then you should hire AI specialists. You should also analyze the competition in your market.

  1. Skill Gap Analysis

First, you should understand your current staffing needs, and then you should determine your future staffing needs. After that, you should compare these two plans. This will help you in analyzing the skill gaps of your employees. You can work on breaching this skill gap. Make sure that you are providing training programs to your employees. This will help you in reducing this skill gap. If your employees already know about Python or R language, then they can learn about AI technology. This will ensure that you don’t need to find an AI specialist.

  1. Create your staffing plan

Your staffing plan should help you in breaching this skill gap. This can be achieved by providing regular training to your employees. You can provide promotions or other things to your employees. This will help you in motivating your employees. If your employees are motivated, then they will automatically work on new skills. Most employees already want to learn new things. They want to make sure that they are up-to-date with the current market. Make sure that you are updating your staffing plan regularly. Your business goals will change after some time. Thus, it is very important to update your staffing plan in the future.


A staffing plan is becoming important for every business. This plan will help you in avoiding many things like low productivity, skill gaps, and over-employment. You can use the steps mentioned in this article for creating your staffing plan. However, many companies are now also working with MSP. You can get access to better employees by working with an MSP. Thus, you don’t need to worry about finding in-house employees for your employees. Your MSP provider will help you in handling your simple tasks. If you need more information regarding MSP services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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