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Top ITIL Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2021

By February 12, 2021No Comments5 min read
ITIL Trends 2021

2020 was a big year for ITSM. The ITIL 4 has changed the entire scene. Agile methodologies have changed the working environment of businesses. This adaption will ensure that you can make use of new technologies. ITIL 4 is the best version of ITIL. In this article, we are going to talk about the top ITIL trends that you need to watch out for in 2021.

  1. AI revolution

The AI is already changing the entire world. It has rapidly changed the way user and businesses work. However, the use of AI is only going to accelerate with time. You can automate more ITSM processes by using AI in 2021. AI will be mainly used for these tasks:

  • Automating manual or routine tasks.
  • Analyzing big data for predicting future trends.

AI will soon start making decisions by checking the trends. Thus, the decision will be ultimately taken by the AI. This will reduce human interference in most of the processes.

AI is mainly going to rely on the ITIL 4. We will get access to some great services. Chatbots and the service orchestration market is going to boom in 2021. Most companies are using chatbots for improving their customer experience. These chatbots are also helping companies in simplifying the service request process.

AI and ML are going to revolutionize the entire ITIL industry. This will lead to various major changes in the IT industry. AI adoption is going to take a lot of jobs in the industry. But, the deployment of ITIL 4 will make the process hassle-free. It will help companies in improving their business workflows. Your business productivity will improve due to these technologies.

  1. Better customer engagement and experience

If you want your business to be successful in 2021, then you should focus on offering a top-notch customer experience. ITIL will help businesses in customizing their products in 2021. Thus, your customers will have a better experience. They will feel connected with your products and services.

Organizations can deliver an amazing customer experience by following the best ITIL practices. ITIL can help any enterprise that has customers. It will help you in establishing the right boundaries and processes. ITIL 4 will improve both user experience and transparency. It will drive your organization to success.

Organizations can deliver an excellent user experience by using the latest technologies like AI and ML. The metric of service performance was set by the SLA in the past. However, the focus will be on elevating and enhancing the real-time user experience.

  1. Enterprise Service management

Enterprise service management is going to grow rapidly in 2021. Organizations are already using the best ITSM best practices beyond its actual scope. Many companies have incorporated the ITSM into business functions like HR.

This trend is going to evolve in 2021. Clients want great end-user experience in non-IT functions also. It is important to ensure that you are maintaining synergy and cohesion between all the functions.

You can use ITIL 4 principles for developing the best practices. The organizations are using to use ITIL 4 concepts in 2021 for establishing the best practice.

  1. Better employee satisfaction

According to a report from Zenefits, companies with engaged employees have more than 81% higher customer retention rates. Most employees want their work to be recognized. This is the primary motivator of engaged employees. ITIL 4 will help you in achieving workforce engagement by creating research-based strategies.

If you have still not embraced ITIL 4, then you should adapt it for better enterprise success. It will help you in improving your employee satisfaction. Your employees can engage with your business. Cloud-based services are giving flexibility to your employees. Thus, it will help you in improving employee satisfaction.

The expertise and ability of workers are very important in 2021. ITIL 4 has addressed this problem. You can check the category of talent and workforce management. This category will provide you with new concepts and practices that you can use for improving your employee’s productivity. Thus, ITIL 4 will give you access to more productive employees.

  1. Better Information Security

Security is the most important thing for businesses in the 21st century. Companies have access to their customer data. They are storing more data for making better business decisions. However, this data also comes with its own security threats. Information is very important for your business access. If you don’t have access to data, then you can’t create better products for your customers. Thus, privacy and security are very important for your business.

Information security is going to be the most important thing in 2021. All the ITIL operational processes follow the best security standards. ITSM will ensure that all the services are in alignment with business and IT security. It will protect your business from potential threats, losses, and risks.

Safety violations will still take place but you can reduce them by implementing strict policies and procedures. ITIL 4 will help you in building the best security policies.

  1. The collaboration of ITIL and DevOps

The main aim of ITIL was the smooth functioning of the ticketing systems. If a ticket is raised by your customers, then ITIL will help you in carrying out the conflict resolution. They will follow some simple steps for resolving the problem. However, DevOps is going to aim at automating the process of ITSM and ITIL. This is going to solve various configuration and deployment management problems.

The collaboration of DevOps and ITIL is going to increase the efficiency of workflows. It will help you in removing the unnecessary dependency from your business workflows. You can make your business solutions faster by using DevOps and ITIL.


These are the top ITIL trends that you need to watch out for in 2021. More organizations are going to embrace ITIL 4 in 2021. You should implement it right from the workforce to the management. There is a huge potential in ITIL. Thus, you should implement ITIL 4 for improving your work efficiency. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in implementing the best ITIL 4 practices. They will help you in improving the efficiency of your workflows. You can also save a lot of money by implementing the best ITIL 4 practices. If you need more information regarding ITIL 4, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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