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Everything You Need to Know About Managed Detection and Response Security

By November 1, 2020No Comments
Managed Detection and Response Security

Cybersecurity can be very costly for companies. If you want to efficiently run security operations, then you need to invest money into skilled staff. You also need access to the best right devices and tools. MDR is a very important tool for protecting your infrastructure. In this article, we are going to talk about MDR security.

Definition of MDR:

MDR is simply an outsourced security service. It will monitor your network for malicious users and activities. MDR will help you in removing data breaches, malware, and intrusions before attackers can steal your data.

It will combine both human expertise and analytics for detecting threats in your network. MDR will Threat detection which will help you in constantly monitoring your data. You can also examine all the potential threats in your network. Also, it will notify you in case some issue arises.

MDR tools are less expensive when compared to an in-house IT security team. It will help you in keeping your entire network secure. You can monitor your network by using these tools.

Your service provider will provide you the best MDR tools. These tools will help you in analyzing the event logs. Also, they will help you with guarding the gateways. You can easily detect threats by using these tools.

These MDR tools will play a major role in protecting your network. However, these tools are still dependent on humans. They will detect potential intrusions and event logs. However, human operators need to check these threats and protect your network.

Threat Hunting:

Threat Hunting is becoming a very famous approach in cybersecurity. It is a proactive security approach that will help you in isolating, detecting, and removing threats. You can use threat hunting for finding malicious elements in your network.

It will focus on eliminating all the threats before they can cause damage. However, these tools won’t address the security incidents that have already happened. They will first look for the malicious elements in your network. Threat hunter tools will then check the issue behavior. After that, they will neutralize the issue.

However, this entire is dependent on humans. Human analysts need to check and verify the threats. Cybersecurity tools will help you in speeding up the process. However, humans are still going to take the most important decisions.

Advantages of MDR:

Simple cybersecurity tools can help you in stopping simple attacks. However, these simple tools are not enough for protecting your entire IT infrastructure. MDR will ensure that your entire network is protected from attacks. They won’t only focus on prevention. These tools will actually try to stop the attack. Some of the main advantages of MDR are:

  1. Better Security

MDR tools will help you in detecting and analyzing threats. These tools will first look for problems in your network. After that, they will alert your network admin. Your network admin can verify the issue and work on stopping the attack.

MDR will also help you in isolating the threat from your network. If there is a potential attack, then MDR will ensure that the attack is contained. It won’t let the threat spread to other systems. This will ensure that only some of your systems will get attacked.

  1. Less chance of False Alarms

If you are using a simple security solution, then it will even send unchecked alerts. This will waste your network admin time as they need to check every alert. MDR will first do its own investigation. It will ensure that the threat is legit. After that, it will send an alert to your security team. This will ensure that your security team will use their time in identifying real problems.

  1. Fast Deployment

If you are creating your own custom security solution, then you need to invest a lot of money and resources. You need to buy the license of software tools. Also, you need to train your staff, create new security policies, and procedures. However, MDR doesn’t require this much effort. You can easily deploy the MDR tool in your infrastructure.

  1. Better Compliance

Security compliance is a very important thing for modern businesses. Businesses need to follow various security regulations. If you are operating in the healthcare sector, then you need to follow the HIPPA security compliance. Similarly, retail companies need to follow the PCI DSS compliance. Thus, it is important to ensure that your network is protected from attacks. MDR solutions will ensure that you are following all the security compliance. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can also help you in reviewing your security processes. They will help you in implementing the best security practices. Thus, you don’t need to worry about violating any security regulations.

  1. Detection of Threats

If you have detected a threat in its starting stage, then you can easily erase it. This will also help you in saving a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about data breaches. If you are not using MDR solutions, then it will take you more than 280 days for identifying a breach. It will take additional 5-10 days in containing a data breach. This much time is enough for attackers to steal all your data. Thus, it is important to improve your detection level. This will help you in reducing the time of data breaches. You can quickly focus on containing the breach before attackers can steal your data. MDR tools will help you in improving the detection level of your network.


Most modern businesses are going for the MDR option. There are various benefits of using MDR tools. It will help you in controlling threats. Also, they will offer you better response times. You don’t need to worry about downtime. MDR tools will also ensure that you can easily protect your network. If you don’t have access to an in-house IT security team, then it will be difficult to protect your network. You should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding the best MDR solution for your network. They will also help you in creating a perfect security strategy. This strategy will eventually help you in protecting your business from attacks. They will work on proactively hunting and stopping threats. If you need more information regarding MDR solutions, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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