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3 Metrics That Show the Value of IT Managed Service Providers

By June 11, 2020No Comments
Value of IT Managed Service Providers

Experienced MSP like Bleuwire can help you in reducing the responsibilities of your IT staff. They can help you in handling your security, monitoring your network, and software support. However, outside IT many companies still don’t understand the value of a good MSP provider. They think that MSP is only a recurring expense. IT leaders should show the value of IT MSPs to their business leaders. In this article, we are going to share three metrics that will help you in demonstrating the value of MSP.

  1. Knowledge Value of MSP

First, you should understand the cost of not working with any managed service provider. You still need to maintain and support your IT infrastructure. If you are not working with an MSP, then you need in-house staff for maintaining your IT.

You can compare the costs of your staff salary with your MSP provider package. Thus, you can compare the benefits of both options.

If you are hiring in-house employees, then you are getting access to your worker’s knowledge and skills. You are paying them for applying their skills to your business. However, you are only hiring one person so their knowledge and skills will be limited. Even if you have a staff of ten professionals, the knowledge and skill set of your team will still be lacking. The IT industry is changing every day and it is very difficult for your employees to keep up with it.

If you are allocating the same amount of resources into MSP, then you will get access to knowledge of various people. This is very beneficial in IT because if you have a larger workforce, then you will have access to more knowledge and skills.

In simple words, your in-house team will be familiar with some technologies but an MSP team is familiar with hundreds of technologies. Your MSP provider will also do their research and find new useful tools for your business. However, your in-house staff will never get time to learn new technologies and tools. MSP will help you in accessing a better and larger workforce.

  1. Convenience Value of MSP

You can again compare an MSP with full-time employees. If you are hiring an employee, then you are purchasing or buying their 40 hours per week. However, these 40 hours are restricted to some schedule. Many large enterprises try to solve this problem by keeping some staff members on call. But, what will you do if your on-call employees can’t solve your IT issues?

Your MSP work hour will be more flexible when compared to a single employee. Good MSP providers like Bleuwire are offering 24/7 access to their support teams. They will help you with immediately solving all the problems. You don’t need to wait for the next workday.

For instance, if your manager has noticed some issues in their application on Friday night, then they can directly request help from the MSP partner. Your MSP partner will help you in immediately solving the issue. However, if you have access to only in-house staff, then you need to wait till Monday for receiving assistance.

This will provide convenience to your organization. The best way to understand the value is by estimating the revenue loss due to 12 or 24 hours of downtime. Bleuwire will help you in reducing this downtime. Your in-house employees can help you in fixing the issue during the night. But, you need to pay them extra overtime costs for this. Thus, you need to consider overtime costs also. You can avoid all this by working with a good MSP partner.

  1. ROI

ROI is the most important metric for any service provider. For example, if you are hiring a sales agency, then you will measure their value by the revenue generated by them. The revenue generated by your business should be more than the cost of marketing services.

It is difficult to understand the connection between increased revenues and MSPs. Your MSP partner will provide you support. They will help you in handling your monitoring related tasks. Thus, they can’t directly contribute to your business goals. But, they will also provide great returns to your business.

Your MSP will help you in preventing downtime. You can lose thousands of dollars due to downtime. Thus, it is important to have a partner like Bleuwire that will help you in rolling out updates and resolving issues.

Also, your MSP will make sure that your in-house IT staff can focus on core business processes. Your provider will handle the monitoring, maintenance, and support responsibilities of your IT staff. Thus, they will free up your internal resources. Your in-house staff will get time to work on more advanced technologies. This will ultimately help you in increasing your business revenue.

You need to estimate the revenue generated by IT outcomes and uptime. After that, you should compare this cost of your MSP partner with this revenue. This will help you in generating good ROI metrics that you can show to your business leaders. According to a report by The Atlantic, in-house staff only spends 45% of their time performing their primary duties. Your MSP will offer you higher ROI when compared to in-house IT staff. They will offer you better monitoring, support, and maintenance.


These metrics will help you in proving the value of IT MSPs to your business leaders. You can also use these metrics for evaluating your MSP provider. These metrics will help you in understanding what your MSP partner can do for your business. Most companies are working with an MSP provider due to good ROI. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will help you in reducing the probability of downtime. Thus, you can save a lot of money by working with a good MSP like Bleuwire. Also, they have access to a talented workforce. You will get access to better skills and knowledge. This will also ensure that your in-house staff will get more time to focus on your core business operations. If you need more information regarding the services provided by IT MSP, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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