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Why Your Business Needs a Data Security Solution

By November 22, 2020No Comments6 min read
Data Security Solution

Most organizations are using IT for carrying out their business operations. Thus, every company is trying to protect its business from attackers. Most companies will install firewalls and anti-virus software in their systems. Also, they will use some access control solutions for protecting their network. You might be using encryption for protecting your sensitive data. Large organizations can also use advanced security solutions like DLP and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System. Every organization is highly dependent on its technology. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of a data security solution.

  1. You can’t use manual methods for dealing with security threats

There are millions of security threats that you need to deal with. Also, there is a great shortage of security experts in the market. IT security teams need to deal with malware injections like spyware, ransomware, and malware.

These viruses can spread through RDP, downloads, portable devices, and phishing emails. Also, your security team needs to protect your business from SQL injection attack, XSS attack, DDoS attack, and Man in the middle attack.

However, security attacks are not limited to these attacks only. Your security team also needs to deal with security incidents that are caused by human errors.

Sometimes your own employees can steal your data for profit. They might share their password by mistake. Your employees can also unsecured Wi-FI network for accessing your network. Thus, your company data will become vulnerable to attacks.

There are too many security threats that your security team needs to deal with. Thus, they need to access to automated tools that can help them in detecting these threats.

  1. Complex Networks

Networks are expanding in complexity, scope, and size. Most companies don’t have a single and centralized database. They are spreading their data in multiple data centers and platforms.

The data is also becoming more unstructured with time. You might be storing PPTs, audio, video, and photos. It is very hard to sort, search, classify, and locate this data.

You need to spend a lot of time and energy organizing this unstructured data. There are various tools that will help you in classifying your data into multiple categories. This will ensure that you can easily search through your sensitive data.

  1. Your security team can’t check every entity

You can’t ask your IT security team to check every email that comes into your employee’s inbox. Also, they can’t manually check the links that your employees are clicking on. It is very hard to make sure that your employees are visiting a trusted site.

This is not going to be a practical solution for your business. Thus, you should automate this process by using automated tools. There are SOAR platforms that will help you in checking the content of the email. They will also check the email addresses for any ambiguity. This will help your employees in determining if they are clicking on a legit link.

Threat intelligence feeds can help your team in assigning a risk factor to every entity and event. This will ensure that your IT security team can sort the investigations according to their priority.

  1. Ability to respond to insider threats

Most of the data breaches actually occur due to human mistakes or insider threats. Your own employees can leak your data.

If you are not using a good data security solution, then your IT team can’t check what your employees are accessing. They can’t check if your employees are downloading your sensitive data. A good data security solution will use usage patterns for analyzing your network. They will also use contextual analysis for checking what is happening in your network. This will help your IT team in differentiating between anomalous and legit events.

Your IT security team can’t protect your data without these security solutions. These security solutions will give control and visibility to your IT team.

You should also ensure that your company can quickly respond to security incidents. There are many User behavior analytics security solutions available in the market. They will help you in responding and detecting security events. Also, they can respond to events that meet your threshold condition.

  1. Access to advanced reports

The data privacy laws are becoming stricter with time. Almost every business needs to follow some data privacy laws. For example, hospitals need to follow strict HIPPA regulations. Also, retailers need to follow PCI DSS compliance. Companies that are operating in EU countries need to follow the GDPR law. Governments want to know where you are storing your sensitive data and how you are processing it.

If you can’t provide these details to the authorities, then they will take some disciplinary action on your company. Thus, you need to access tools that can generate advanced customized reports. These reports will also help your IT security team. They can learn a lot of things about your network by reading these reports.

Your IT security team will waste a lot of their time and resources in creating this report manually. Thus, you should use the best data security solutions available in the market. These solutions can generate advanced reports in seconds. If you want a customized report, then you can also provide pre-sets to these tools. This will help you in meeting government regulations.


The best way to protect your business from data breaches is by using a proactive strategy. You can’t rely on a reactive approach. Every business should work on creating a proactive approach. You can’t wait for a data breach to occur first. Thus, you should invest in good security solutions. However, most SMBs don’t have access to the IT security team that can handle these solutions. Thus, a good idea is to work with experienced MSPs. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will act as your in-house IT security team. They will help you in creating a proactive security strategy for your business. Also, they will help you in finding the best data security solutions for your business. Bleuwire will also ensure that you are following all the security regulations. If you need more information regarding security solutions, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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