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Why You Should Outsource Your IT Support in 2020

By June 30, 2020No Comments

The digital needs of companies are increasing with time. Every business is trying to improve its IT infrastructure. According to a report by Spiceworks, more than 88% of businesses think that their IT budget will increase in 2020. Businesses are trying to replace old systems and operating systems. They are providing new systems to their employee. This will also help you in increasing the security of your network. You can easily protect your personal and business data. Managed IT services are also growing with time Companies were only spending 6% in 2019 but they are now spending more than 10% on managed services. Organizations are working with various managed providers. These managed providers are helping them in handling IT support, backup, and hosting.

Businesses need to handle a lot of IT projects. Thus, every business is trying to outsource their low-priority tasks like IT support. This will ensure that your main team can focus on improving your core products and services. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of outsourcing your IT support.

  1. Access to qualified and experienced workers

In the past, your IT workers were able to handle most IT tasks. However, technology is becoming more complex with time. Many companies are now focusing on IT security more. You should ensure that you have access to experienced IT support staff. They should be well-trained in different IT technologies. Also, they should have hands-on experience in working with these technologies.

One simple error can leak all your company data. You can lose your customer’s data due to the security break. Also, one simple configuration error can take your entire system down. If your main systems are offline, then you can’t perform business operations. You should make sure that your IT support staff members have the perfect training. They should help you in eliminating mistakes. If you are outsourcing your IT support, then you will get access to highly trained people. They already have the on-hands experience of working with the latest technologies. Thus, they can help you in handling both simple and complex IT problems.

  1. Cost Savings

If you are hiring an in-house IT team, then you need to invest a lot of money in hiring. You need to find employees that have skill sets in security technologies, networking, software, and hardware. They will charge a hefty salary for providing their services. If they are not learning about the latest technologies, then they can’t help your company in the future. It is important to ensure that their skills are up to date. Your managers will invest their time in finding new employees. Hence, they won’t get time to focus on their important work.

These are the main costs associated with an in-house IT team. However, you should also consider the attrition costs. If you are not meeting the salary demands of your employee, then they will leave your company. This will reset the cycle as you need to again hire new employees for your company. You can remove this entire cycle by working with a managed services provider. If you are outsourcing IT support, then you will have access to an expert team. This team will help you in solving all your IT problems. These experts are working in an IT company. Thus, you don’t need to worry about their skills and background. Your MSP will ensure that its employees are regularly updating their skills.

  1. Implementation Speed

Lack of resources and time can stall your new IT projects. If your in-house team is handling the implementation of new applications and systems, then you might need to wait for months. Your in-house team will first complete their other IT projects. Also, you might need to hire the right staff for implementing the new systems. You might also need to train your employees about new technologies.

The best thing about working with an MSP is that you can quickly start your new projects. If you have already done the planning, then your MSP partner will provide temporary staff. They will help you in implementing your project. Thus, you don’t need to wait.

  1. Focus on core business goals

You should ensure that your employees are not wasting their time in doing simple IT tasks. If your employees are only monitoring your network for hours, then they won’t get any time to focus on important business goals. Your IT department should invest their time in improving your products and services. This will actually help you in achieving your business goals. If you are outsourcing your IT support, then your employee can focus on meeting your customer needs. Many companies are outsourcing their IT support just to reduce the burden of their IT department. This will ensure that you can actually focus on running your business.

  1. Better Productivity

Many companies think that they are saving money by not outsourcing their IT tasks. However, you are actually hampering the productivity of your employee. Your employee can’t focus on their core roles if they are distracted by the IT issues. This will reduce the productivity of your employees. Your IT department will waste their time in solving simple IT problems. If you are working with an MSP, then your employees can quickly resolve their issues. Your partner can help you even during the night. They will be always available on phone and email. An MSP will ensure that you will always have a technician available. Thus, you can always fix your problems. You don’t need to worry about the nature or size of the problem. This will help you in increasing the problem-solving speed. Also, it will help you in reducing the downtime of your servers.


If you are running a business, then you are ultimately relying on technology. You can use it for delivering your services to the customers. However, if you don’t have access to a good IT support team, then you are putting your business processes at risk. You can avoid this by working with a good MSP. If you need more information regarding IT support, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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