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Why SaaS Model Is Beneficial for SMBs

By February 26, 2021No Comments5 min read
SaaS Model Is Beneficial for SMBs

SaaS is currently the most thriving branch in the cloud market. According to a report from Forrester Research, the average value of the SaaS market is increasing at a rate of 56.2% annually. Thus, the SaaS model is expanding quickly with time. There are various advantages that SaaS is offering to companies. New startups and SMBs can use the SaaS model for competing with large enterprises. SaaS services can help you in competing with every big market player. Companies love the SaaS model as it is more secure when compared to the on-premises solution. Thus, the adoption of SaaS is only going to increase with time. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of the SaaS model for SMBs.

  1. Fast adoption

According to a survey from Geneca, more than 75% of the IT executives think that their projects are mostly doomed from the start. The business is always out of sync with the actual project requirements. It is important to involve your business stakeholders if you want to develop successful projects.

SaaS will help you in deploying business applications quickly. It will also help you in solving the problem of integrating business applications with other applications. Your SaaS vendor will ensure that they are meeting your business requirements. This will help you quickly deploy new applications.

  1. Cost savings

According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors in the IC will double every two years. Thus, the computation capability of our world is increasing at an exponential rate. However, this also means that the hardware is becoming obsolete quickly. Companies need to regularly change their hardware with new technology. This is impossible for SMBs as they have a limited budget.

The upfront cost of hardware is too high for SMBs. Also, you need to invest money into maintaining and managing these systems. You can reduce these costs by working with a cloud provider. The SaaS model will also provide you with a predictable cost structure. This will ensure that you can provide your services even with tight budgets.

  1. Access to the best and latest features

The traditional IT model was very inefficient. You need to upgrade your systems regularly for accessing the latest features. If you don’t have access to the latest features, then you can’t deliver the best services to your customers. Thus, many businesses were forced to upgrade their systems even if they were working properly.

SaaS applications can receive new updates quickly. It won’t even disrupt your business during the update process. This will help you in increasing the security of your applications. It will also increase the productivity of your employees. Your employees will be satisfied with your services. You will get access to the best tools available in the market. Thus, you can take on new challenges and compete in your markets. SaaS applications will help you in completing all your business objectives.

  1. Hassle-free maintenance

You will be running your applications on your cloud provider system. Thus, your cloud provider will be responsible for hardware repairs and maintenance. They will ensure that the hardware is working properly. If the hardware is not working properly, then they will shift your applications to other hardware.

This will ensure your business can maintain a sharp focus. SaaS cloud-providers will have access to a large IT-workforce. Thus, they can solve most of the problems very quickly. This will ensure that you will always have access to their applications. All SaaS providers will also offer you data backup and restoration. This is mostly included in their service. Thus, you don’t need to worry about data loss. Your data will be protected from natural disasters and common errors.

  1. Infinite Scalability

SaaS applications will be stored in a large cloud environment. These cloud environments are infinitely scalable in nature. Your applications will also grow with your business. Businesses should invest in a scalable infrastructure if they are using the in-house infrastructure. Thus, you should consider using SaaS applications. It will ensure that your hardware will grow with your business.

  1. Easier expansion

If you are using SaaS models, then you can grow your business to new markets. You don’t need to worry about resellers or middlemen. SaaS model will ensure that you can quickly sell your applications to your customer. Your product will be available on the internet. You only need access to the internet for accessing the global market. Thus, SaaS models will help you in entering new markets. This will help you in increasing your business revenue. Thus, you should consider using the SaaS model.

  1. Remote access

Most workers are working from their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, you should ensure that you have access to the remote applications. If you are using an on-premise solution, then your employees need to visit your office for doing your work. This is a very inefficient method. Coronavirus pandemic has already shown the disadvantages of this method. You can avoid this by using SaaS applications. SaaS applications can be accessed from any remote location. Your employees only need access to the internet for accessing the applications. This will ensure that they can work from anywhere in the world.


Cloud-based applications are better when compared to on-premise software deployments. It will ensure that you can quickly adopt new applications. SaaS applications will also help you in saving a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about maintaining your hardware. SaaS applications will help you in getting access to the best and latest features. You will get access to infinite scalable infrastructure. The adoption rate of the cloud is increasing with time. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in adopting cloud applications. They will help you in migrating your applications to the cloud. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the migration process. They will ensure that the entire migration process is smooth. If you need more information regarding the SaaS model, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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