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6 Main Benefits of ITIL Latest Version

By February 27, 2021No Comments6 min read
Benefits of ITIL

ITIL is very important for every IT organization. It will help you in aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy. ITIL 4 was recently launched in 2019. It has all the latest tools that you need to deal with the industrial revolution 4. ITIL 4 is a new and updated framework. There are various benefits of using the latest ITIL 4 version. In this article, we are going to talk about the main benefits of ITIL 4 latest version.

  1. Flexible Practices

The ITIL 4 practices are an updated version of all the ITIL 3 processes and practices. All the new practices are simpler and practical. Thus, you can easily implement them. These practices are also very flexible. This will result in a holistic approach for your business. The ITIL 3 practices were process-oriented mostly. ITIL 4 has changed most of the practices. New practices will help you in adopting your organization into a more flexible work environment. These are organizational resources that will help you in performing objectives, executing, and performing work.

These practices are divided into categories:

  • General management: These will include knowledge management, project management, and supplier management.
  • Service management: These will include practices like incident, problem, and change management.
  • Technical management: These will include practices like Infrastructure management and deployment management.
  1. Holistic approach

The main key of ITIL 4 is the holistic approach that it uses for dealing with service management. This approach is defined under various dimensions. It will help you in adding value to your stakeholders and customers.

The main dimensions of this approach are:

  • People and organization: An organization will need a business culture that can support its aims and objective. They will need access to the right level of competence and capacity among their workforce. The organization hierarchy will follow either a horizontal or vertical structure. This hierarchy will have skilled workforces at every level. Every level in this hierarchy is going to have its own competency. It will also have its own responsibilities and roles. The main aim of leadership is to make sure that the workforce is actually delivering.
  • Information and technology: Technology is very important for IT service management. It will ensure that your business functions are working properly. You can manage your IT services by using the latest ITIL 4 practices. Information management is going to play a very important role. It will help you in delivering value to your customers. Also, it will help you in monitoring future demands.
  • Suppliers and partners: Suppliers and partners are the external part of your business. Service strategy and relationship between organization and partner is very important. You should have proper communication with your partners. Also, you should ensure that you are sharing the same goals. Both of these things are important for service delivery and integration.
  • Value processes and streams: Value streams will help you in creating and delivering your products to your customers. The main aim of this to maximize the value of your processes.
  1. Adapt your policies according to the new technologies

ITIL 4 will help you in covering many new technologies like AI, IoT, quantum computing, biotech, automation, and robotics. The complexity of the policies has increased due to digitization. ITIL 4 will help you in adapting to the new technologies. It will ensure that you have access to a future-proof approach. Your business can quickly address the digital approach if you are using ITIL 4 practices.

  1. Focus on practices

ITIL 4 has 7 main principles. IT professionals can follow these principles for adopting the ITIL guidance. They can customize it according to their organizational environment. ITIL 4 principles will help you in creating a new approach for your IT services.

  • Focus on value: You should focus on creating more value for your customers and staff.
  • Start from where you are: You should work with all the resources that you have. Try to reuse all the available resources. Also, you should focus on improving these resources with time.
  • Progress iteratively: You should improve your processes with time. The agile methodology will help you in finding out the real value of your products.
  • Collaborate: You should work together with your partner. Also, you should focus on building trust.
  • Keep it simple: You should ensure that all your strategies are simple to follow.
  • Automation: You should use automation for automating all the frequent and manual tasks.
  • Think holistically: You should focus on creating an end-to-end approach for your business.
  1. Increased business profits and customer satisfaction

ITIL 4 strategies will help you in improving your customer satisfaction. You can use a service value system for creating a better product for your customers. It will help you in creating an ecosystem that will help you in creating value for your organization.

  1. Better CSI

CSI or continual service improvement has also improved in the latest ITIL version. It is all the practices that you should focus on for managing services and products. The CSI model has improved in the ITIL 4 model. However, there is still scope for improvement.

The business leaders should be involved in the vision creation. You can follow the seven guiding ITIL 4 practices for creating a perfect model. There are various steps involved in the CSI model that you should follow. This model is based on the lean, DevOps, and Agile methodologies. It will help you in improving your services.


ITIL 4 doesn’t change all the practices of ITIL 3. However, all the practices are better when compared to the last version. It will help you in improving your services and products. You can provide value-driven products to your customers. ITIL 4 will help you in keeping up with the latest IT operations and software development. It will help you in following the latest methodologies for providing good services to your customers. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in implementing all the latest ITIL 4 practices. They will make sure that you have access to the best IT resources. You don’t need to worry about managing these ITIL 4 practices if you are working with Bleuwire. If you need more information regarding ITIL 4, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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