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How AI Can Help Your Finance Team

By August 22, 2020No Comments
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The current coronavirus pandemic is forcing businesses to rethink their strategies and processes. Businesses are rethinking about their infrastructure. It is having an unprecedented impact on every business. Companies want to ensure that they can quickly adapt strategy during a challenge. In simple words, they want to ensure that they are agile. This is not going to be the last pandemic. We will see more pandemic in the future. Thus, it is important to ensure that your business can deal with challenges associated with it.

The finance team has played a very important role in this outbreak. They had to ensure that their business is shockproof. Also, they were showing daily figures to the business leaders. The revenue of most companies was down due to this pandemic.

Most finance teams were restrained by their outdated software. Their role has become more challenging during this pandemic. Business leaders should rethink the financial tools that they are using. If you are providing good financial tools to your finance team, then they can be more productive.

Shifting focus

The number of finance tools has increased with time. There are various amazing tools available in the market. Your finance team can use these tools for simplifying their work. These tools are very beneficial during the current pandemic.

The adoption of digital tax software was accelerated by the MTD. The latest technologies like AI, mobile accounting, and cloud solutions are going to change this industry. They are going to have the biggest impact on the financial industry.

Artificial intelligence is going to change how your finance teamwork. The big four have already adopted these technologies. They have developed their own unique AI solutions for boosting their productivity. Other companies are also following their footsteps. There are various finance software providers in the market that are working on AI tools. They are offering AI updates or tools to companies. Companies can use these tools for automating their boring tasks.

AI is not a new technology. However, it is very important to highlight the difference that AI can make. It can affect the productivity of your entire business. Also, it will affect the accuracy and quality of your accountant’s work. Your finance teams can finally move away from the boring tasks. They will finally move towards the analytical and advice-led based approach. This is the most important priority for companies during this pandemic.

Illuminating the important signs

The most important benefit of using AI is that it will simplify the long-winded tasks. You can quickly do extremely detailed tasks. Also, your data will become much more accurate if you are using AI. You can improve the accuracy of your data by using the latest AI tools. AI can transform both internal and external audits.

In theory, Artificial Intelligence is going to provide the right tools to the finance leaders. Financial leaders can use these tools for ensuring the longevity of their organization. They can also understand the risks that their organization is facing. Artificial intelligence can process a large amount of data by using complex algorithms. You can use machine learning for making accurate predictions. It will help you in pulling out risk transactions or misstatements. Your business leaders should know about these misstatements and risk transactions. This will ensure that they can timely action.

Most times a team of financial auditors is going to pull out sample data. They will use this sample data for spotting potentially harmful and unusual transactions. This will help you in improving the accuracy of your audit. However, there is always a chance that your financial auditor will miss some danger signs. It is very difficult to make accurate data sets. The result of the audit will ultimately depend on the data sets. Artificial intelligence can completely remove this risk.

It will also help you in removing all the human errors. This will ensure that external and internal auditors can use their time in analyzing the data that is found by AI. They can analyze this data for making better business decisions. This will ensure that you know about the latest trends. Your finance team will ultimately help you in protecting your business. They will also help you in growing your business.

Removing the burden

Most companies think that AI will only have an impact on their accuracy. However, it is also going to affect the productivity of your employees. AI will help you in reducing the paperwork that you need to deal with. Also, it will reduce the number of processes that you need to deal with. AI will help you in handling invoices. You can process POs and analyze expense reports by using AI tools. All the latest technologies like MI and deep learning are already integrated into the finance team software.

It will free up your finance team. They can spend their time analyzing data. This will help your team in spotting unusual activity or potential risks. According to a report by ACFS, more than 13% of companies are already using AI for detecting frauds.

It will help your financial leaders in spotting fraud activities. This data will also help them in predicting where these frauds will occur in the future. Cybercrime is becoming more complex with time. Your finance teams can help you in minimizing the impact of these attacks. They can use advanced technologies for dealing with these attacks.

Focus on strategy

AI tools will ensure that your financial team is well-advised. This is very important during an emergency situation. Business leaders are checking the financial data every day during this pandemic. It is helping them in creating their future strategy. The right AI tools are going to make all the difference during this process.


Your finance team can use AI for increasing their productivity and accuracy. However, you need an in-house IT team for implementing these advanced tools. If you don’t have access to a good in-house IT team, then you should consider working with an MSP. Your IT partner can help you in implementing these advanced tools. They will also help you in finding the best tools for your business. If you need more information regarding the latest AI tools, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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