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How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Construction Firm

By July 2, 2020No Comments
Managed IT Services Can Help Your Construction Firm

There are hundreds of technology tools available in the market that can help you in automating your manual processes. These tools can help you in improving efficiency and trimming costs. Still, more than 50% of contractors are using pen and power for managing their projects. The construction industry spends very less money on technology. There IT budgets are generally only 1% of their revenue. You can’t create a good IT department by investing only 1% of your revenue. Thus, managed services providers are perfect for construction firms as they can help you in leveling up your technology. We are going to talk about the benefit of Managed IT Services in this article.

  1. Creating the Foundation

Most SMBs focus on only getting their work done. They don’t care about maximizing the efficiency of their solutions. Your MSP can help you in achieving both goals. They will help you in finding the right solutions, cloud-based providers, and managed services for your business. Your MSP can help you in becoming more accessible. They will improve the productivity of your employees.

  1. Automation

You can use simple scripts and tools for automating your manual tasks. This will help you in improving the productivity of your employees. Also, it will help you in reducing human errors. However, it is not easy to see where you can use automation. You can’t implement automation in every workflow. Most construction firms don’t have enough IT expertise for mapping out their workflows. You can’t find inefficient processes until you are mapping out your workflows. Your MSP provider will help you in identifying all the processes that can be automated. They will recommend powerful tools that you can use for automating your tasks. These tools will vary according to your needs, objectives, and business size. Your provider will also help you in integrating these solutions.

  1. Finding the right tools

Many engineers and architects are using advanced tools like BIM or Building Information Modelling for completing their projects. Your employees need to share documents with each other. These documents are mostly too large and you can’t send them by using email. Also, mobile devices are becoming more common with time. Companies are now creating their own Bring your own device policy or BYOD. You should ensure that your employees can access your core applications from their mobile devices. Construction firms should look for specialized construction software as these tools are becoming a necessity for every firm. Your MSP can help you in finding the best construction software for your business. They will also help you in integrating it with your mobile devices. This will help you in streamlining and facilitating collaboration.

  1. Support Structure

Every aspect of your business requires special skills and attention. You need to regularly maintain your hardware. Also, you need to regularly update your software. You should implement processes that will help you in quickly on-boarding new employees. It is important to set up their email accounts, devices, and payroll. You will generate a lot of data or information with every project. Thus, you need solutions that will help you in storing this information. Your IT Services provider can help you in regularly maintaining your systems. They will help your employees by troubleshooting their IT issues. This will ensure that your employees can quickly get back to work. They will help you in establishing processes that will help your users in becoming more productive.

  1. Secure your workplace

There are many advantages of technology. However, there are also some risks to using the latest technologies. You need to deal with cyber threats, downtime, data loss and system crashes. Sometimes natural disasters can completely crash your whole business. According to a survey by JBKnowledge, most construction firms are not using any secure cloud solutions for protecting their business. More than 30% of the construction firms are not implementing any security policies. Thus, their data can easily get leaked. You need access to an expert IT team.

Your IT provider will help you with creating a security plan. They will help you in implementing the necessary proactive solutions and processes. These solutions will help you in mitigating the impact of these risks on your business and productivity. Thus, they will help you in protecting your workplace from the attackers. They will regularly monitor your network for threats. Also, they will check your network for vulnerabilities. If there is any vulnerability in your network, then they will quickly fix it.

  1. Expert Recommendations

It can be very difficult to find the perfect technology for your business. Your MSP provider will help you in justifying your IT budget. They will give recommend you solutions for your business. These tech solutions will help you in increasing the security of your business. It will also help you in increasing your productivity. They will ensure that your IT goals are aligned with business goals. A small IT department can’t achieve this. Most business leaders will only look at the monetary cost of new technologies. They don’t know about the benefits of investing in new technology. Your MSP provider will provide ROI insights to your business leaders. They will only invest in those solutions that will help your business. This will ensure that you are not wasting money on random solutions.


Most construction companies are still not adopting the latest technology. They should consider working with an experienced MSP like Bleuwire. Bleuwire will help you in finding proactive solutions for your business. They will implement the latest technologies in your environment. These solutions will help you in improving your organization’s productivity. Also, they will help you in protecting your data from attackers. There are many benefits of working with a Managed IT Service Provider. You will get a competitive edge over your competitors. If you need more information regarding Managed IT Services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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