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How to Modernize Your IT Service Desk

By April 2, 2021No Comments
Modernize Your IT Service Desk

The volume of service requests and incidents is increasing with time. According to a report from HDI, the volume of service requests has increased by more than 68%. Service desks are doing a good job of keeping up with the increased requests. They have learned to absorb more requests and work.

Digital Transformation is another trend that companies are following. It mostly means the elimination of manual tasks from organizations. Companies are using digitally-based automation for removing manual tasks from their processes. They are trying to integrate digitally-based automation in every process from creation to marketing. Thus, the importance of the IT service desk is only going to increase with time.

Why you should modernize your IT Service Desk?

  • Technology is becoming the foundation of every business

According to a report from Forbes, every company is basically an IT or technology company now. They are using technology for delivering their services and products to customers. Even contractors are using the website for promoting their business. They are using IT systems for maintaining and managing all the tasks. You might be using mobile banking for doing your business transactions. Thus, every company is now using technology for doing their business.

  • Increasing responsibility

The service desk’s responsibilities in past were to ensure that the internal systems are working properly. Their main task was to fix computers. However, services desks also support a remote workforce now. This mobile workforce is using laptops, tablets, and smartphones for doing your work. If your technology slows down, then your main business functions will be affected. Thus, the service desk will ensure that your business operations are working properly. They will be dealing with requests, issues, and questions from your entire business.

  • Automation and AI

The technology dependency is only going to rise with time. More companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML. AI elements like chatbots and Natural Language processing has become a common thing. These technologies are going to increase the responsibility of your service desk. However, they will also decrease the workload of your service desk members. You can use AI for solving most queries.

  • Growth of Service Management

According to a report from HDI, more than 60% of organizations have already adopted the principles of enterprise service management. This adoption is helping companies in increasing their employee satisfaction and productivity. However, your help desk members need to take additional responsibility. In simple words, you can’t use the service desk of the past to deal with digitally transformed organizations.

The perfect time to modernize your IT service desk is now. You should invest your time and resources into modernizing your IT service desk. Some of the steps that you should follow are:

1. Focus on Knowledge management

The importance of Knowledge management is only increasing with time. If you want to deploy a chatbot, then you need knowledge regarding chatbots. You should ensure that your service desk’s solutions and responses are the same and consistent. Thus, you need access to an updated knowledge base. The knowledge that is stored in your computers and in employee’s heads is not going to feed directly to your new technology.

You should focus on knowledge management as it will help you in taking the advantage of right technologies. Some of the advantages of investing in Knowledge management are:

  • Increased consistency: Customers and users won’t receive conflicting or differing resolutions or instructions. It will also ensure that your users won’t have multiple contacts with your team.
  • Fast resolution: If you have access to previous solutions, then you can quickly resolve the same problems. This will ensure that the duplication of effort will decrease.
  • Reduced time for training: Your employees don’t need to learn everything from scratch. They can use the knowledge that is collected by your tools to learn about proven resolutions.

Thus, Knowledge management will help you in reducing pressure from your staff.

2. Provide self-service

Most users want access to self-service. They don’t want to wait in a queue for a simple problem. Everyone wants to quickly resolve their issue and continue working.

However, most companies are providing complex self-service to their users. They provide long articles to their users. Your users don’t have time to go through long articles. They just want to know about the steps that will solve their problem.

You should focus on implementing chatbots as they can help your users. If you want the volume of tickets to decrease, then you should focus on providing self-help to your users. Make sure that you are providing relevant information to your users. Self-help and knowledge management can help you in reducing your tickets.

3. Use Intelligent Automation

The best thing about automation is that it can help you in eliminating all the manual processes from your process. This will reduce the chances of human error. Also, it will help you in saving a lot of money and time. However, if you make some errors while designing these systems, then things can go wrong. Make sure that you are building your systems by following proper guidelines.

Automated processes will only help you in doing the tasks that they are programmed to do. If there is a small error in their code, then it will lead to a big issue. Due to this, more companies are investing in Machine learning now. Machine learning will ensure that your programs will improve with time.

4. Use AI

AI is the future of this world. It is helping companies in saving a lot of time and money. You can use it for everything from providing a good customer experience to building complex systems. Thus, you should integrate AI with your service desks.

AI will use the data and knowledge of your company for doing your work. It will digest all the information and will show it to the correct parties. For example, it will route the issues to the correct person. If the problem is already mentioned in the database, then AI will automatically show the solution. Your users will get better and faster service if you are using AI.


These pieces will help you in modernizing your IT service desk. It will ensure that you can provide good services to your customers and employees. You should focus on modernizing your IT service desk this year. If you don’t have an in-house IT service desk, then you should consider working with Bleuwire. Bleuwire will help you in resolving your tickets and queries. They will use modern AI tools for solving your tickets. If you need more information regarding the IT service desk, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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