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How to Select the Best CCTV Camera for Your Office

By October 10, 2020No Comments
CCTV Camera for Your Office

The surveillance technology is advancing with time. CCTVs have improved with time. They are offering many advanced features like infrared, face detection, and audio. Also, you will have access to night-vision footage. This will ensure that you can identify burglars even if they do burglary at night. Every CCTV camera will have different specifications and capabilities. Thus, make sure that you are picking the right CCTC camera for your house. This will help you in optimizing the benefits of using CCTV cameras. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can select the best CCTV camera.

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest option

You should look for the CCTV camera that will provide you the best value for the money. The camera should fit within your personal or business budget. However, you should always invest in a good quality CCTV camera. If you are buying the cheapest CCTV camera available in the market, then you might regret your decision in the future.

  1. Check the warranty

There are many retailers that are only offering a 6-month product guarantee. This is not going to be a good deal for you. If a CCTV camera fails after 6 months, then you need to invest in a new camera. A good security company will always sell their products with warranty periods of at least 2-3 years. Also, they will offer both installation service and self-install option. If you don’t know anything about installing CCTV cameras, then you should for the installation service.

  1. Understand basic camera features

You should know about the basic camera capabilities. If your camera has a lens of 5 millimeters, then it can view its subject to 5 meters. This is one simple rule which you can follow for understanding your CCTV camera capabilities. Also, the degree of your angle lens will determine the vision.

For example, if you have a camera with a 4 mm lens and a 60 degree wide-angle, then it can identify a person who is 4 meters away. However, you can’t use this camera for checking your neighbor’s property. The field of vision will increase with the lens size.

Most cameras can store video footage of over 1TB. You can also increase this capacity by buying additional hard drives.

  1. Camera Type

There are mainly three types of cameras available in the market. The most affordable cameras are analog cameras. If you want better cameras, then you can also go for High Definition or Internet protocol cameras. The prices of these cameras are decreasing with time. CCTV technology is rapidly changing with time due to which prices are coming down. Even small businesses can buy entry-level IP and HD cameras now. You don’t need to invest money into high-level IP cameras.

  1. Compare IP, HD, and Analogue cameras

Your choice will ultimately depend on the quality of the footage you need. Also, it will depend on your current and future security needs.

If you are going for a basic analog camera, then it will offer a very low-resolution image. It is good for monitoring cameras and detecting people. If you are going for an HD camera, then it will provide you a high-resolution image. You can even identify numbers and cameras if you are using this camera.

A higher resolution will ensure that you will have access to better pictures. Thus, you can zoom in digitally in these pictures. These pictures are perfect for identifying subjects and their details. You can even get details like vehicle number plates. These cameras are very helpful during security incidents. You can share intelligence with security companies and police for investigation purposes.

You can attach these security cameras with your office or business network. It will trigger the alarm in case of a security breach. Also, it will send the data to your managed security provider by using broadband or wireless connection. Most SMBs are going for the entry-level IP cameras and Turbo HD cameras. Thus, you should check these cameras first.

  1. Select the camera position

You need to decide on the position of your cameras. The position will depend on your house or business topography. Also, you need to consider your security needs during this process. You can install these cameras near your front gate or door. It will collect the information about the vehicles and people that are entering. Also, you can install additional cameras for covering weak spots.

You can create an early warning system by covering your entire business property with these cameras. Make sure that these cameras are connected with the outside beams. This will ensure that you can quickly investigate the security breaches. You don’t need even to step out for investigating these security breaches. Also, you can quickly inform the authorities about the security breach.

  1. Work with a security professional

If you have no idea about CCTV cameras, then you should work with security professionals. They will help you in finding the best camera for your business or office. Also, they will first assess your entire property. They will check the footage of different cameras. In case of a security breach, they will inform the authorities. This will ensure that your office or business is protected from intruders. You should work with security monitoring services as they will help you in monitoring your office and business.


You can follow these tips for finding the best CCTV camera. CCTV cameras will help you in protecting your property from intruders. Most intruders won’t try to break in after seeing a camera. Thus, CCTV cameras can be very helpful. However, you should consider working with an MSSP like Bleuwire. They will help you in selecting the best camera for your property. Also, they will help you in installing these cameras. You don’t need to worry about manually checking all your cameras. If you need more information regarding CCTV cameras, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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