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Why CCTV Is Important for Your Business

By October 11, 2020No Comments5 min read
CCTV monitoring

Video surveillance is very important for modern businesses. You need to protect your employees and possessions. If you are a business owner, then you need to worry about the safety of your office property and employees. This is especially more important for Small and medium-sized business owners.

The most common type of surveillance is CCTV monitoring. According to some experts, if you are using CCTV cameras, then the probability of burglary will decrease by 70%. Most burglars already know that they will get caught due to CCTV monitoring. Thus, they will never try to breach your workplace.

The Basics of CCTV monitoring

You should look for security solutions that can protect your business. The best thing about CCTV cameras is that they are easy to maintain. Also, these cameras are actually cheaper when compared to other security solutions. You can put these cameras in any location you want.

The main factors that you need to consider are the angle of coverage, infrared availability, sharpness, and resolution. The main work of CCTV is to protect your business from attackers. However, these cameras can also increase the productivity of your employees.

There are many benefits to using CCTV cameras. But, you still consider the surveillance laws of your country before implementing these security solutions. In some countries, privacy violation is a very serious crime. It can damage your brand’s image. Thus, you should check your state laws before installing these security solutions.

Benefits of CCTV Monitoring:

  1. Prevent thefts

The main advantage of installing CCTV cameras is that it will help you in preventing thefts. You can place CCTV cameras in your office. This will prevent acts like break-ins and vandalism. According to a study, SMBs lose more than 50k$ every year due to thefts. If you are operating in high-crime areas, then CCTV cameras are extremely important for you.

You should also consider intellectual property and company property theft. Sometimes your own employees can steal your intellectual property. If CCTV cameras are placed in your office, then your employees will never try to steal your intellectual property.

  1. Video Surveillance

If you are using CCTV cameras, then you will have access to real-time footage. You can regularly check your workplace from a remote location. In the past, companies were hiring a special person for handling these real-time footage. However, now there are various monitoring companies available in the market. They can remotely monitor your workplace from a centralized location. This will ensure that your workplace is protected from threats.

  1. Criminal Evidence

If some crime is committed in your office building, then the video footage will act as useful criminal evidence. You can use your CCTV camera footage for identifying the culprits. This footage can also be used in courts. Sometimes judges will make their entire decision based on this footage. Thus, CCTV cameras are very important for protecting your property, community, and employees.

  1. Better employee productivity

CCTV cameras will also help you in increasing your employee productivity. Your employees will feel safe in your workplace. Also, they will focus on their work more as they are getting monitored. However, you should always remember that trust is the most important thing in the employee-employer relationship. Thus, you should never go overboard with your camera placements. Make sure that you are also respecting the privacy of your employees.

  1. You can easily solve internal disputes

Disputes are very common in office spaces. You need to regularly deal with these internal disputes. These disputes can happen between managers and employees. The CCTV camera will provide proof in such cases. You can use CCTV footage for resolving these internal disputes peacefully.

  1. Reduced security costs

CCTV cameras are actually better when compared to other solutions. Thus, you can actually reduce your security-related costs by installing CCTV cameras. It is very cheap to install CCTV cameras in your entire office building. This will help you in regularly monitoring your office building. You don’t need to worry about investing money in other security technologies.

CCTV technology is also improving with time. You can enjoy the benefits of wireless systems which are very fast. Most of the modern CCTV cameras are less obtrusive and smaller. They can also provide you better clarity. These cameras can even record at night. Also, the maintenance costs of these cameras are very low. You can easily protect your entire business by installing these security cameras.

  1. Monitor high-risk areas in your office building

If you are dealing with dangerous goods or chemicals, then there will be many high-risk areas in your building. You have to ensure that only authorized personnel can access these high-risk areas. If you have installed security cameras in high-risk areas, then it will reduce the risk. You can use these cameras for monitoring your high-risk areas. Also, you can place these cameras in areas where the accident happens. Thus, you can even save lives by installing these CCTV cameras.

  1. Better customer’s shopping experience

If you have installed CCTV cameras in your retail space, then your customers will feel safer. They don’t need to worry about theft. Your customers can shop without worrying about any security issues. You can also record your customer behavior by using these cameras. Your IT team can use this data for improving product placement. Thus, CCTV cameras can also help you in increasing your revenue.


These are the main advantages of installing CCTV cameras in your workplace. It will ensure that both your employees and customers are safe. You should first compare surveillance systems with other security solutions. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding the best surveillance system for your business. They will provide you real-time access to status reports. Also, they will regularly monitor your workplace from a remote location. If you need more information regarding CCTV cameras, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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