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Why You Should Embrace ITSM Automation

By March 27, 2021No Comments7 min read
ITSM Automation

ITSM automation is gaining a lot of popularity in various enterprises. It is helping companies in increasing their efficiency. Also, it will help you in simplifying your complex IT tasks. You can save a lot of time and costs by embracing ITSM automation.

If you are new to the ITSM world, then ITSM automation might sound confusing to you. ITSM can take your already good service desk to an exceptional level. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of ITSM automation.

Definition of ITSM automation:

ITSM is a simple term that is used to define the way you manage your IT systems. Automation will help you in automating some of the ITIL processes. These processes will include simple tasks like tracking and creating tickets. It will also help you in providing a simple answer to requests.

ITSM automation can be achieved by using ITSM software that will help you in using stored and structure knowledge. It will also use AI technologies like virtual agents and chatbots. ITSM automation will help you in increasing the efficiency of your teams and departments. It will help you in reducing the number of redundant tasks that your service desk is doing right now. Also, ITSM automation is not limited to the IT sector only. ITSM automation can increase the productivity of your entire business by 30%.

Benefits of ITSM automation:

ITSM automation won’t help you in removing all the human interaction. However, it will help you in removing most of the manual tasks. Some of the main benefits of ITSM automation are:

  1. Improved workflow and ticketing

You should ensure that the tickets are routed to the right person. If your ITSM tools are sending the tickets to the wrong person, then it will waste your time. Service desk agents can save a lot of time by using automated workflows. Automated workflows will ensure that your tickets will be handled properly. This will reduce the time that your team needs to resolve any ticket. It will ensure that your IT team is working properly.

  1. More efficient incident management and change process

ITIL will help you in dealing with change, problems, and incident management. However, you might be thinking about the importance of ITSM automation in this.

If some group is responsible for both problem and incident management, then they need to spend a lot of time in incident handling. They need to spend time in the analysis phase. However, ITSM software can help you in supporting incident management. It will also provide necessary tools and insights to effectively resolve problems and create smooth changes. ITSM tools will also help you in implementing solutions.

  1. Better experience

Your customers always expect a positive personal experience from your business. Chatbots can help you in providing good service to your customers. They will use NLP or Natural Language processing for bridging the gap between a positive personal experience and lengthy knowledge management. You don’t need to dig through old wikis for solving some simple problems. Your chatbot can directly help you in solving simple problems.

  1. Better efficiency

ITSM automation will help you in taking your service desk to the next level. It will help you in increasing the efficiency of your service desk. You can use an automated IT self-service portal for increasing the productivity of your employees. It will help you in eliminating time-consuming conservations as your chatbots will help you in solving these problems.

  1. Boring task elimination

The best thing about the ITSM automation tool is that it will help you in eliminating repetitive tasks. You can implement ITSM automation for removing all the lower-level tasks. The shift-level strategy will help you in eliminating lower-level requests. This will help you in reducing the time that is spent on repetitive and boring tasks.

  1. Robust reporting and analytics

Proper reporting and analytics will help your service desk in finding areas that need improvement. This will help you in improving your workflows. Service reporting and analytics through ITSM automation will also help you in capturing historical data. This data will help you in visualizing trends. You can use this data for making better business decisions.

  1. Flexibility

IT automation doesn’t have a fixed size. Both your customer and employees will have greater flexibility. Different users will have different needs. Thus, ITSM automation will provide flexibility to your IT team.

  1. Simpler escalation of Incidents

ITSM automation can help you in flagging major or important incidents. This is very important for organizations that don’t have access to a 24/7 support team. For example, there might be some periods on the weekends where no one is tracking your systems. If your systems go down during this time, then automated systems will help you in escalating major issues to the right people. This will ensure that your IT professionals can focus on resolving major incidents first. It will also help you in saving a lot of money as these outages won’t affect your business.

  1. Availability of Customer Feedback

ITSM tools will help you in collecting your user feedback. This will help you in bridging the gap between what your users want and what you are doing. This is very important for your entire business as it will help you improve your services and processes.

  1. You can easily measure your productivity

Measuring productivity can be difficult if you have a blended or remote workforce. If you can measure productivity, then it will help you in providing important information to your project leaders. ITSM automation will help you in automatically tracking metrics like call handling time and ticket handling time. It will also help you in simplifying project management. The ability to quickly manage projects will help you in creating a better user experience. Your project manager will have a centralized place where they can check all the project timelines.


ITSM automation can help you in saving a lot of time and money. However, you should focus on using it with other technologies like KMS, CMS, asset management, and chatbot technology. It will help you in removing repetitive tasks from your processes. ITSM solutions will help you in improving the efficiency of your entire business. If you are an SMB, then you should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will help you in implementing all the ITSM systems. They will help you in automating your service desk tasks. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hiring IT professionals for your business. If you need more information regarding ITSM, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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