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Bare Metal vs. Virtualization: Which Is Better for Your Enterprise?

By March 8, 2020No Comments5 min read
Bare Metal Virtual machine

There are various solutions available in the market. Thus, it is always difficult to choose between cloud and bare-metal solution. There can be various use cases of these technologies. Thus, you will always get different advice from experts. In this article, we are going to talk about both the solutions.

Features of Bare Metal

Bare metal servers will help you in processing more data. You can use 28 cores for checking your data. Thus, it will help you in processing more information. However, there are a few exceptions. There is no benefit of using a single-threaded application on the bare metal server. If you want to use your applications in the best environment, then you should choose the right solution.

  1. Single-tenant environment

The best thing about these servers is that you can use its resources completely. You can configure the server according to your needs.

It is always difficult to pick the right cloud provider. If you are working with the wrong vendor, then your cloud migration process will slow down.

Public clouds are less secure when compared to the bare metal. Bare metal servers are similar to private cars in an open world. Thus, only you can access your server. Public cloud is more like public transportation. Hence, various different companies can use it.

  1. Reliable

Bare metal is more powerful when compared to the public cloud. You can configure this server according to your enterprise needs. If you are looking for bare metal servers, then you can get access to the best CPUs.

  1. Customization

You can build your own configuration. Thus, you can choose the best component for your server. If you are looking for customization options, then the bare metal server is perfect for you. You can also choose your favourite control panel and operating system. It will even allow you to run your own virtual environment.

  1. Security

Cyber threats are becoming more common with time. Every company is trying to protect their data from attackers. Bare metal servers are more secure when compared to public cloud servers. Hackers need to break into the colocation center for stealing your data. However, most data centers have very high security. Thus, it is very difficult to break into any colocation center.

Features of a Virtual Machine

  1. Quick and easy setup

If you are using a cloud platform, then you can easily add new servers. Thus, it is very easy to scale up your resources. You can use virtual servers for running multiple services. Many companies also use this service for testing their new features. You can automatically create these VM machines. Thus, you can easily use it as a test machine.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud servers are more flexible when compared to the bare metal servers. You can easily move a VM from one machine to another. Also, you can easily resize your VMs. This is perfect for those companies that are looking for scalability and scalability. Thus, many companies are using virtualization hypervisor for managing their services.

These technologies will help you in planning your IT resources. For example, you can distribute your workload according to the usage. This is perfect for new applications that see spikes in resource usage. Most legacy applications are still running on a separate application. Thus, you need to adapt them to the new cloud environment.

  1. Easy to manage

It is very easy to manage these virtualized environments. There are various applications like VMware ESXi and vSphere that you can use for managing these VMs. You can set up your own virtual environment in a few hours. Your provider will also help you in setting your virtual environment. Thus, you don’t even need an IT team for managing your virtual server.

You need a VM manager for managing your VM. These tools will ensure that your applications are running securely. You can even install a guest OS in these VMs. This will help you in effectively managing your resources. Enterprises can use these machines for testing their applications. Thus, they don’t need to access the host resources by using VM.

  1. High Latency

If you are using a cloud server, then you will face latency issues. There are various reasons for this latency problem. Many companies host their VMs on different networks. Thus, it will cause packet delays. If you are using a cloud server, then you can’t directly access the physical hardware. There is always a hypervisor layer between the physical resources and apps. Thus, you will face latency issues in your cloud server. You won’t face this latency issue if you are using a bare metal server. There are also various performance issues with multi sharing tenants.

  1. Security

These types of servers offer low security when compared to the bare metal server. However, cloud providers are trying to increase their security level. Thus, they are adding more protection to their servers. They are updating their security model.


There is no clear winner between virtual and bare metal servers. Both have their own disadvantages and advantages. Thus, it is difficult to find the perfect technology for you. The perfect option will depend on your needs.

For example, if some organizations want to combine the strengths of both solutions, then a hybrid cloud environment is perfect for them. You can use the public cloud for running your resource extensive applications. However, you can still run your important applications on a private cloud. Thus, it is a perfect option for most enterprises. You will get access to cloud scalability and flexibility. Also, you will get access to the security level of the bare metal server.

A simple solution won’t work for most of the companies. Most companies want to access public cloud computing power. However, they can’t risk their security. Thus, it is better to look for a hybrid environment. This will help you in maximizing your ROI. If you want more information regarding cloud servers, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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