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ITIL Trends To Keep an Eye Out For In 2022

By February 6, 2022February 8th, 2022No Comments12 min read
ITIL Trends 2022

ITIL practices and tools have become relevant in the age of digitization. Businesses are recovering from the pandemic. According to economic experts, 2022 is going to be the year of growth for businesses. The covid-19 pandemic led to the development of various software platforms, technologies, and tools. These tools can completely change your organization. You can use these technologies for improving your organization’s productivity. In this article, we are going to talk about the ITIL trends that you should keep an eye out for in 2022.

What is ITIL?

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the most popular framework for ITSM. It is used in almost every industry from animation to technology. ITIL will help you in aligning your business requirements and IT services. It will help you in creating an atmosphere of continuous service improvement. This will help your business in delivering the best services and end-products. Also, it will help you in maximizing your focus.

ITIL 4 is the current iteration of the ITIL framework. AXELOS has created this framework. They take feedback from the ITIL community for improving it. The best way to improve a framework is by asking the users what they want. AXELOS is using a similar approach for continuously improving its framework. ITIL 4 offers all the benefits of previous versions. They are also using the best ITSM practices for providing good services. The most popular ITSM methods are used by ITIL.

ITIL 4 was launched in 2017. This new community-driven and industry version is far better than the existing versions. The developer team has understood the problem of practitioners. They have improved ITIL to ensure that everyone can use it.

How does ITIL work?

ITIL 4 contains best practices for creating, building, and managing IT services within your IT environment. You can continuously improve your IT services. ITIL is using the modern ITSM. It takes all the account elements like value streams, cloud systems, IT governance, digital transformation, and other frameworks. The main aim of this framework is to ensure that your business is using fully optimized IT services. You will get the best value.

There are various topics in the ITIL 4 certification path. It will contain topics ranging from working in tough IT environments to stakeholders engagement. If you are a student, then you can choose the best module for you. Career IT managers need to complete the full syllabus for becoming a master in ITIL. There are various things that are covered in the ITIL syllabus.

Benefits of ITIL Implementation 

  • Align business with IT:

You can’t use ITIL for creating your business strategies. However, it can support your business strategies. ITIL will help you in enabling your IT as a service provider. They will become the core part of your business. If you want to align your business needs with your IT, then ITIL is the perfect thing for you.

  • Systems integration:

ITIL is compatible with 3rd party project management systems. It will help you in optimizing workflows. You can enable better collaboration by implementing ITIL. It will help you in tracking multiple teams within your business.

  • Quality of Service:

ITIL includes service-level management and relationship processes. It will help you in providing a better customer experience to your customers. You can manage your customer expectations by using the ITIL framework. It will ensure that your IT services are always available.

  • Reliability:

Problem management and incident processes of the ITIL framework will help your business in reviewing performance. You can perform root cause analysis by using the ITIL framework. ITIL framework will also help you in resolving your issues. You can avoid future incidents by using the ITIL framework.

  • Change management:

ITIL framework will provide an agile IT environment to your business. It will help you in responding to quickly changing requirements. The best thing about the ITIL framework is that you can do these changes without disrupting any services. Your environment will continuously improve if you are using the ITIL framework. Change management is a very important part of IT compliance. It will help you in enabling documentation and tracking all the important activities of your IT applications and systems.

  • Business agility:

Businesses are changing rapidly with time. It is difficult to keep up with the fast-paced world. You should stay agile. This will help you in beating your competition. The best practices and pre-defined processes in the ITIL framework will help you in keeping up with the technology. You can keep up with the technology by following the ITIL framework. It will help you in keeping your focus on innovation. Your customers will stay satisfied if you are following the ITIL 4 framework.

  • Transparent costs:

If you don’t have clear visibility, then you can’t track the costs of your business. The ITIL framework will help you in checking your costs. This will ensure that you can make better budget decisions. You can follow detailed metrics for improving your spending.

Major ITIL trends in 2022

  1. The rise of ML and AI

Every business understands the importance of remote employees after the pandemic. It is important to provide support to your remote employees. Managers were facing various challenges in the pandemic. It was difficult to provide support to remote workers. You can’t rely on traditional service desks for supporting your employees.

Companies are now moving to modern service desks. These modern service desks are using the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. This will help you in providing personalized and quick support to your employees. The use of ML and AI in service desks is helping organizations in understanding their employee issues. They can provide better suggestions and solutions to the employees. Modern solutions will help you in providing customized solutions to your employees.

The best thing about the AI service desks is that they will become better as they interact with your employees. Thus, your service desk will become better with them. This is going to be a big ITIL trend in the future. We think that it is going to take over the ITIL world in 2022.

  1. Integration with collaborative platforms

Collaborative platforms have become very important after the coronavirus crisis. Companies are using collaborative platforms like Zoom, Slack, and MS teams. These collaborative platforms are helping businesses in allowing their professionals to communicate with each other. If you want to provide better support to your employees, then you should integrate your modern help desk with collaborative platforms. This will help you in providing the best support from one unified platform. Your employees can get instant support from your business. They don’t need to worry about switching to some different platform for support. This will help your employees in saving a lot of time. They can spend this time working productively.

This will also help your managers. If you are integrating collaborative platforms with services desks, then your managers can easily stay connected with your employees. They can keep track of their progress and processes. This will also help your manager in providing adequate support to your employees. It is a very important ITIL trend as it will help you in organizing the support that your employees need. Your employees will get the best support from your business.

  1. Robotic Process Automation

Every business is focusing on reducing manual efforts. This can help you in saving a lot of time and money. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is not a niche technology. RPA was used by large organizations in past. However, now RPA is available for all applications. Every business can use RPA for reducing their manual efforts.

The main aim of RPA is to reduce the effort and time required to do specific tasks or processes. This will ultimately depend on your business requirements. You can use technology for automating processes like processing transactions, handling big data, and interpreting applications. It will also help you in replying to emails. If there is some manual task where repetition is done, then you can use RPA for automating it.

Most companies think that the main aim of RPA is to replace human employees with software solutions. However, this is not true. The main aim of RPA is to improve employee productivity. This will ensure that your employees can effectively do their work. It will help you in enhancing the quality of your work. Your employees can focus on doing their work. They don’t need to spend extra effort and time doing some simple manual tasks. If there is some task that can be completed in a few seconds, then you should automate it. This will ensure that your employees are not wasting their time on manual tasks. It will also free up your employees. Your employees can focus on other core tasks which can’t be automated. Thus, RPA will help you in enhancing your employee’s productivity.

  1. Edge computing

Cloud computing was considered the most cutting-edge technology in the last decade. However, most organizations have already adopted it by now. Most startups and organizations are using cloud-based platforms. They can use it for performing various IT operations and processes. However, cloud computing comes with its own set of challenges and issues. If you are thinking that cloud computing is immune to issues, then you are wrong.

Edge computing is becoming the new cutting-edge technology in the market. It is helping organizations in resolving the issues that they find in cloud-based platforms. Edge computing will help your organization in tackling cloud-computing issues. It will help you in bypassing the latency. Your users can directly give data to the data center. It will help you in quickly processing your data at the data center. Thus, edge computing is becoming a very important technology. You can process time-sensitive data which can be stored in remote locations. The best thing about edge computing is that there is no concept of centralized location in edge computing. You don’t need to send the data to a centralized server. Edge computing will help your users in creating mini data centers. They can quickly do their work by using these mini data centers.

Edge computing will become more popular with time. They will become more popular due to the introduction of Internet of things (IoT) devices. You can easily convert these small devices into mini data centers. Thus, companies can use it for improving their services. Edge computing will create new job opportunities. It will also help you in improving data management in your organization.

  1. Quantum computing

Quantum computing is also becoming more relevant with time. This technology will help you in taking advantage of quantum phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement. Quantum computing was used to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. It was also used by scientists for developing potential vaccines.

Quantum computing will help you in querying, monitoring, and analyzing your data. You don’t even need to worry about the source of data. This technology is first going to be adopted by the banking and finance sector. It will help them in managing credit risks and detecting frauds.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is already very popular. You can form chains of data by using blockchain technology. The best thing about blockchain is that users can’t make changes to the data once it is in the blockchain. Multiple industries are implementing blockchain technology for building secure and responsive applications. IT experts are also learning about blockchain development as they understand the future of this technology. This technology will only become more famous in 2022.


These are the most famous ITIL trends that you should track in 2022. Digitization has also become mature with time. It is not possible for your business to use traditional business processes. You should focus on digitizing our business processes. This will help you in automating your manual process. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in this process. They will help you in improving your help desk services. You will get the best IT help desk services. If you need more information regarding ITSM or ITIL, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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